Best Youth Baseball Helmets – Our Top 4 Helmets Review

Best Youth Baseball Helmets

Essentially, the best youth baseball helmets, as it sounds, is worn on an individual’s head and it is to protect the player from errant pitches thrown, which can result in serious injuries that could be fatal. It is only important to be worn in every game, so as to prevent the worst from happening. The best youth baseball helmet should withstand a ball that is traveling at 100 miles per hour. These helmets mostly come with other major features that promote comfort while making gray matter and every game safe.


How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Helmets

Best Youth Baseball Helmets Best Youth Baseball Helmets

One of the major causes of sports-related injuries among adults, teens and children is ill-fitting gear or wearing none at all. Youth baseball can be dangerous somehow. If your child’s head lacks proper protection, it can be really dangerous. Just try to imagine and consider the force and speed in which softball or baseball is thrown, you will actually realize it can cause a lot of damage to your child’s head. Even if a human head is pretty hard, they were not meant for that.

Regardless, of the level, your child is playing or his age, a helmet should be worn wherever he is at the plate. This is because he will not know when a wild baseball is going to be thrown his way. Unfortunately, we have all heard the complaints of wearing helmets, which are uncomfortable that has made some players to skip wearing them. Therefore, you make sure you have chosen the helmet that will be comfortable to your kid.

One or Two Ears Cover.

When you are buying a helmet for your boy, you want to put several things into consideration. The baseball helmet should entirely cover the top, back, and sides of his head.

The batting helmets should cover one ear. If your son is a right-handed batter then the best helmet should cover left ear and vice versa for left-handed batters. Therefore, protecting the ear that will have a ball coming towards it and allowing the ear of the batter to hear the umpire. Some helmets cover both ears. It is therefore up to the player to decide, which helmet to wear.

Fit the head

The helmet of choice should securely fit on your son’s head without squeezing the head. A good helmet is not supposed to move when your child is turning his head from side to side, and it should be simple and easy to take it off and/or wear it.

A secure baseball helmet should not, in any casBest Youth Baseball Helmets e, fall forward the player’s eyes. Whether you are purchasing a baseball helmet for your son online or in a store, make sure, you take the measurement of your child’s head circumference at its widest point. When it comes to baseball helmets, a secure fit is very important, as it can cause more harm to a batter it was to get hit by a ball.

To know more about the right size for your child, check out this article.

Material used

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Not all baseball helmets are created equally. You are likely to find that the cheapest baseball helmets are made of plastic, having a protective layer beneath. However, more advanced baseball helmets are made of tough polymers. Foam padding interior of youth baseball helmets is a must have the safety. It is this padding that keeps the head a distance away from the outer shell of the baseball helmet in case of an impact.


Save cash elsewhere, but do not skimp on baseball helmet that you choose. Remember you are purchasing safety and in this case, you actually do get whatever you are paying for. Type the name of the brand you like and research on it. You should make sure that the outer shell is made of high-quality materials and foam padding is durable and thick.

Now that you know what to look for before buying a batting helmet. Here’s a list of our top pick of youth batting helmets. They are:

  • Rawlings S100 Batting Helmet
  • Rip-It Vision Batting Helmet
  • Rawlings Coolflo Batting Helmet
  • Easton Z5 Two-Tone Junior Batting Helmet

Continue reading to see why we choose this for helmets as the best.


Rawlings S100 Batting Helmet

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The primary focus of Rawlings S100 Batting Helmet is protection that comes with an insert, which provides extra durability in critical baseball impact locations. This helmet is made with multiple impacts expanded polypropylene liner; hence, it is impossible for a batter to be injured when he has this helmet on.

Rawlings S100 Batting Helmet uses Pro-Dri technology, which fights bacteria and it is a moisture management. Your son will be comfortable and protected when he has this youth baseball helmet.

Rip-It Vision Batting Helmet

Best Youth Baseball Helmets

This baseball helmet has a high-density padding system. It is designed to take the impact of the ball and spread it out over its large surface area. The interior padding system of Rip-It Vision Batting Helmet naturally adjusted to head of the player. In return, allowing maximum comfort without losing its functionality. The sweat is trapped and the temperature of your son kept cool by moisture management fabric.

This helmet comes in overlapping sizes, meaning that if it is too large you can adjust it to fit your son’s head. It is also lightweight, thereby ensuring that when your son is running, there is nothing holding him back.


Rawlings Coolflo Batting Helmet

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This Coolflo baseball helmet is majorly designed for high school aged baseball players. It features high-tech and attractive design. It comes with double ear protection and pre-drilled, which is ideal to guard the face.

This youth baseball helmet will surely protect both your face and head from an incoming ball. It has fifteen individual air vents, which keeps the young player cool and pretty much comfortable even in summers. At a pocket-friendly price, this helmet is good to start with.

Easton Z5 Two-Tone Junior Batting Helmet

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This helmet is durable and strong, so even if your son is hit several times in his head this baseball helmet will stand up to the abuse. Apart from that, it will keep him cool even in hot temperature without losing its functionality. This is because it comes with a high-grade ABS protective shell as well as AVA impact foam, which is for extra safeguarding.



Baseball helmet is an important piece of equipment when it comes to both softball and baseball. Partnered with the best youth baseball bat, I would like to say your kid will be unstoppable. Given all the facts, it is important to always protect your child’s head/brain from injuries. Therefore, always ensure you have gone for the best youth baseball helmets on the market that guarantee the safety of your kid.

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