5 Best Hand Grip Exerciser Review

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Are you serious with your workout? If so, the strength of your grip is very important in ensuring that you get a good exercise thus using the best hand grip exerciser is critical in your workout. The hand grip acts as a lever which connects the weight of your body. Your grip is influenced by your wrist and forearm strength.

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Purchasing the Best Hand Grip Exerciser Equipment

5 Best Hand Grip Exerciser Review

When you are training you need to have a strong hand grip, this is vital when you are using heavy equipment such as; the kettlebells or the barbells among others. Having a powerful hand grip makes sure that, when you are working out your muscles you do not drop the weights if the muscles are not worn out.

When purchasing an exerciser, ensure that you check its level of resistance. In the event that you have not had any hand grip exercises before, select a low-level resistance tool which has 10 pounds at its maximum. You can get the harder ones if you have a strong grip or have a history of exercising your grip. By choosing a difficult grip or lower arm training, you ought to get the results you desire.

Reasons For Grip Exercises

  1. They increase hand endurance, allowing you to be able to apply force for a longer period of time. Not to forget enables you to carry objects for a long period of time.
  2. It improves your masculinity; therefore, ensuring each of your fingers becomes stronger. This is very important for individuals who play musical instruments or typing.
  3. Development of huge and impressive forearms. When it comes to opening and closing of your fingers, they are controlled by the forearm flexors and the extensors. Therefore, this is the very action that the grip exercises work on.
  4. In addition, you will have a greater hand strength which enables you to grip a barbell for a longer time and be able to successfully do chin ups.

Benefits of Hand Grip Exerciser

Reasons to hand grip

  • Strengthen your fingers

There are hand grip exercisers, which allows you to exercise each of your fingers so as to develop and maintain masculinity and strength.  This is very important for musicians and athletes.

  • An improved hand endurance

Hand endurance is important in gripping of things, pulling or on carrying heavy objects with your hand not having to experience fatigue. Hand endurance also results to an increase in time in applying a certain amount of force on an object.

  • Improves sports performance

When you exercise the muscles, the joints in your hands, the forearm and the wrists; improve your hitting, pulling, holding and throwing.

  • Reduces the risk of injuries

This is very important for sports such as boxing, where the hands play a very important role; therefore, the need to keep them at a prime physical condition. When it comes to boxing, strengthening your hands is vital for it will allow you to punch harder.

  • Increases the muscles

With the consistent use of the hand grip exercisers, you are bound to increase the muscularity of your forearm. Hence, you do not need to be concerned about the difference between your forearms with the rest of your arm.

Best Hand Grip Exerciser

Let’s look at some of the best hand grippers in the market as your grip exerciser.

1. Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper

Captains of crush hand gripper are the best forearm exercisers in the market, made in the United States of America by IronMind. They are even recommended by the bodybuilders; despite that, they are traditional exerciser equipment. They actually work, they are appropriate even for people at advanced level as they are efficient and simple. They are known as the gold standard for testing and building your hand strength.

It has a perfect fit when it comes to the CoC compatible tools for gripping, thus ensuring a maximum progress in the shortest time possible. They are the top-rated and top-selling grippers in Amazon yearly.


  • It has 11 levels that are from the 60lbs to 360lbs.
  • It has a durable structure, because the string is from a high-quality steel, with an aluminum handle (for heavy duty grippers)
  • They come in many sizes which are brutally hard and easy ones.
  • Has a certificate on the top-tier CoCs
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2. The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

With the grip master hand exerciser, you are able to work on your; forearm, wrist, fingers and hands. You can strengthen your weaker fingers in order to have a better throwing or hitting. Each finger receives 9 pounds of tension. With the grip master each finger is challenged using an original spring loaded with finger piston technology.

You cannot find another exerciser that works, and develops every single finger that you have the way the original grip master does. You are bound to have stronger wrists, forearms, and hands which are very vital for climbers. This is because they are to grab then lock their hands on burr as they limb.


  • It has different buttons for the fingers; therefore, you are able to use the other way.
  • The resistance level can be adjusted from 3 to 9 pounds.
  • With the compact design, we are able to utilize it anytime we want.
  • They come in several variations that is; medium, advanced and easy.
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3. SideWinder Pro XTREME

Just like the rest, SideWinder Pro XTREME works on your; forearm, hand, fingers and grip. For the wrist rollers, it comes in different versions basing on its resistance. Turn the built-in tension gauge that is calibrated, so as to control the resistance.

Twist the handles with one or both of your hands when winding them. After each set that is the clockwise and the counterclockwise motions, alternate your hands. When it comes to SideWinders they all twist quietly and smoothly. It’s only a matter of weeks until you actually have results; as your forearm and grip strength will have increased.

The SideWinder ProXtreme develops your shoulders, biceps, triceps, wrist, forearm and grip to become stronger. Sidewinders are carefully manufactured by use of hands in the United States of America. SideWinder has a more powerful model called the SideWinder Pro Xtreme. It is more heavy, thicker and the longest.

Due to the thick grip handle, you are able to involve a lot of muscles than the normal involvement. Hence, leading to super-strength not to forget prevention of injuries. The exerciser has a built-in dial which by turning it, you are able to adjust your resistance from easy to hardcore or hardcore to easy. Your set resistance level will not change throughout the workout, until you decide to change it.

The pro Xtreme is mainly for exercising your grip, although when changing your grip, you are able to target the different muscles on the arm. For an all-round exercising program, train from the different angles for instance with your hands in front of you at chest length and your hands behind you.


  • They weigh 2 kg, with a length of 37.5 centimeters
  • Has a diameter of 2 inches that allows you to lift more weight, and reduce the chances of injury.
  • The SideWinder can be of aluminum, neoprene or steel.
  • They are the only wrist rollers that do not have a weight plates.
  • It’s built with rubber coated cylinder which fits into your palm, thus providing the required amount of friction.
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4. Hand Exercise Squeeze Balls

Hand exercise using a squeeze ball is usually recommended to women, they are not very efficient as other equipment but they do work. They are not only medical hand grippers, but they are also very affordable. The squeeze ball is usually recommended for any rehabilitation activity.


  • They have different resistance level that is from easy to hard in their resistance.
  • They are made from a durable thermoplastic rubber; you are also able to carry them around.
  • Squeeze ball have a diameter of 2 inches which is the appropriate size for hand work out.
  • They are in different colors for instance; blue, red, green and black among others.
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5. Finger Master Hand Strengthener

With this exerciser, you will be able to strengthen your; forearms, fingers, wrists and hands. People who do hand exercises frequently, will find this exercise easy to perform. This exerciser is more useful to beginners.


  • It is small in size, making it ideal to use anytime and anywhere.
  • The metal parts are made off copper thus making it a durable product.
  • It is adjustable, that is the tension can be set from 3 to 8.5 pounds
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It’s efficient and comfortable to use, as it has a soft, durable and comfortable rubber.
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A Quick Thought

It is essential that you note that the gripping strength is an important link, which is between the external forces which you ought to lift and your body. Therefore, developing your grip is vital; you can do so using the mentioned exercisers above  and try one of our top 4 hand grip exercise guide. Pick one that is affordable and you can comfortably use, as you continue to build up.

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