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Hi and welcome to Athlionz, I’m Brad, a lifelong lover of all things sports, athletics, health and fitness and the creator of this website. I began the site in 20016 as a way to combine my life long love of all things sports, athletics, fitness and health related with my then newly developing passion, and now well established skill of creating websites.

I have always loved being active; as a kid my Mom would often joke that I could never sit still, and I still. I was often outside usually with some kind of ball in hand; either pestering one of my neighborhood friends or my older brother to shoot some hoops with me or kick the football around the local park. This fascination and passion with sports continued throughout school and college. During these years I tried my hand at a wide variety of sports including tennis, basketball, running track, football, baseball and hockey. Over the years I enjoyed basketball, hockey, baseball and football the most; this is also where my strengths lie. While at college I also coached younger kids in both school and club based sports. Being a sports player, coach and keen sports spectator over the years has given me a sound knowledge base in many sports and fitness related topics. It is my aim to share that here with you.

What's in a Name?

So you might be wondering why the name Athlionz? What inspired the name? 

Athlionz is a unique combination of the two words Athlon and Lion(s). Athlon comes from Ancient Greece and means “(sport) contest”. Lion being the large carnivorous mammal with the well-known characteristics of being, strong, courageous, and brave. Lions are also known as the “King of the Jungle. I believe the characteristics of the lion are also often the characteristics needed when participating in sports. The z at the end was my unique twist, for the plural of lions (lionz), in the combination of Athlon and Lion(s).

I though what better combination of words to describe and represent the essence of my website Athlionz. My aim, the sites essence, is to break down the “jungle” of all things sports. Knowing the rules of different spots, their histories, the equipment needed to play them, and what the best products are for the game you are playing, can to some seem as if it’s a jungle” (of information). Therefore, I aim to break it down for you, answer sports, athletics and fitness related questions by providing you with only the best information and product solutions.

Combining my long history of sports knowledge and passion of creating websites now means I can bring you the very best of all things sports, athletics, fitness and health related; including information, buyer’s guides and product reviews. All in the one place here, online at Athlionz.

My goal is to help answer you sports, athletics, fitness and health related questions and queries from what is the “Best Baseball Catcher Mitt for Kids – Recommended by Professionals?” to giving you Football Tips And Tricks That You Can Apply From The Pros, while ensuring to only review the best of the best.

Thank you for visiting, I sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Athlionz. If you have any related topics or content suggestions, please feel free to contact me by clicking here, I would love to hear from you.

–  Brad

Coach Brad running for exercise and fitness before baseball game
lion laying in the jungle grass
Brad as a child kicking soccer football
baseball game on baseball pitch