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Softball and Baseball Bat: What’s The Difference?

softball and baseball

A tale of two sports played in a similar way but yet completely different. Some of the most played sports all over the world and probably more so in The United States is softball and baseball. The Differences Between Softball and Baseball Bat The word baseball immediately unlocks words like the Yankees, Red Socks and home runs. These are […]

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How to Improve Your Baseball Catching Skills

Baseball Catching Skills

Do you want to improve your baseball catching skills? Catching is an essential position in baseball, however, its significance is once in a while underrated. Fans respect players who are great hurlers or hitters, however in the meantime getting plays as nearly as large a part in winning as hitting. It is an exceptionally desired position, […]

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Best Baseball Radar Guns

best baseball radar gun

Radar guns are some of the most significant tools which every coach or athlete should have. When it comes to baseball, radar guns help the player or coach evaluate the skills/speed in a much quicker time. Making it a sure-fire technique since the player is specifically judged by how fast the ball is going. The […]

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Best Batting Gloves for Baseball (UPDATED 2019)

best batting gloves for baseball that you can use when playing

UPDATE– A pair of baseball batting gloves is important for proper gripping of the bat when the player is stepping on the plate. The design of best batting gloves for baseball are basic on the surface but vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with some using materials like fabric and leather to make their product outstanding. […]

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Best BBCOR Bats – Our Top 5 BBCOR Bats Review (UPDATED)

Best BBCOR Bats - Our Top 5 BBCOR Bats Review

UPDATED – BBCOR stands for Bat –Ball Coefficient of Restitution. This is a standard used in governing baseball bats for adult baseball that is high school or college leagues, some middle schools may also require that the baseball bats has the BBCOR mark. This standard regulates the amount of energy lost when the bat is […]

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The Best Youth Baseball Bats Your Kids Will Love – (UPDATED)

Best Youth Baseball Bats

Updated – If you want the best youth baseball bats this 2019, you should not just go for any type of baseball bat. When you choose a poor baseball bat, it can be awful for you and your kids as anything, which you are not very comfortable with thereby minimizing your kids hitting performance. Furthermore, […]

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Best Youth Catchers Gear Set – Reliable Guide for Practical Parents

Best Youth Catchers Gear Set

UPDATE 2019 – Being a catcher is considered the hardest yet most respected position your kid can play in baseball according to some professional baseball player. Yes, you heard me right. Why? Well, for a fact, this can teach your kid leadership qualities, resiliency and excellent communication skills. It also develop a great mental benefits and great hand-eye coordination. […]

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Top 10 Baseball Colleges in the United States 2019

top baseball colleges

UPDATED – This article focuses on the success level of various baseball college programs in the United States. The main aim is to enable the baseball fans as well as the team players to keep record of their success. What You Should Know Before Picking The Best Baseball  College Basically, it helps those interested in […]

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Best Wood Bat – Our Top Pick for 2019

Best Wood Bat 2017

Choosing the best wood bat for your next league is sometimes a difficult decision to make. This is because different wood types offers different advantages and disadvantages for the player. Which is why we did an extensive research of what to look for before buying a wood bat. Below is our recommendation so you can […]

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Best Protective Cup for Youth Baseball – UPDATED

best protective cup for youth baseball

UPDATED – Does your kid play baseball? Does he/she have the best protective cup for youth baseball? Well, do not put the life of your kid in danger by taking him to the field without this gear. Baseball cup is the most vital protective gear to your kid among other gears that you may provide […]

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