Best Ankle Weights for Creating Toned, Lean Legs and a Lifted Butt

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Ankle weights can bring significant benefits to your body. They allow you to maintain a firm shape even when you are just walking. These products are not as popular as they should be but they deserve so much more interest. If you never purchased ankle weights, you might not be sure what to invest in. The following guide should help you choose just the type of ankle weights that you need at the best price. So, keep reading and make the best investment to keep your legs in perfect shape.

Our Top Pick Ankle Weights: Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights for Adults and Kids

Out of all the ankle weights we recommend on this page, Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights for Adults and Kids has come up to our top pick. The quality, comfortability, and durability is great. It’s a truly 5-star ankle weights.

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Why You Should Use Ankle Weights

These weights will make sure that your legs, feet and especially your ankles remain in a healthy shape. There are many benefits of using ankle weights and you should definitely consider investing in such a product. Here are only the most important advantages that you can enjoy by using ankle weights!

They Help You Workout Both Your Legs and Butt

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Ankle weights can help shape your legs and butt

These weights will add just the right amount of pressure on your muscles to tone them faster. If you want to have well-defined legs in no time, wear ankle weights every day even if you are not planning to workout. It is important though, to not go for weights that are too heavy. Start with light ones and increase them as you get used to wearing them.

All You Have to Do Is Wear Them

You can wear them on your regular days and still get a good workout for your muscles. Simply put them on your ankles and go about your day. By the time evening comes, you will notice that you feel sore. This is a great trick to apply especially during those days when you can’t go to the gym.

They Add Efficiency to Your Workout Sessions

By wearing ankle weights, all your workout sessions will be a lot more productive. You can wear them during Cardio, Pilates or Yoga. And it is definitely a good idea to increase your ankle weights when you are going for a leg workout. This will help you get the results you want and the body of your dreams in a shorter time.

The Best Ankle Weights on the Market

If you don’t have time to research for such products, the following list will help you significantly. Here are the most reliable ankle weights that you can invest in for best results!

RankImageNameWeightsAdvantageOur Rating
#1Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights for Adults and Kidsup to 5 lbs eachDual purpose ankle and wrist weights5 out of 5
#2ProsourceFit Ankle Weights for Women and Menup to 5 lbs eachColor coded weights5 out of 5
#3CAP Barbell 20-Pounds Ankle Weightsup to 10 lbs eachHeavier weights5 out of 5
#4Gaiam Ankle Weights For Women & Menup to 2.5 lbs eachComfortable fit4.5 out of 5
#5Ankle Weights by Healthy Model Lifeup to 8 lbs eachDual purpose ankle and wrist weights4.5 out of 5

Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights for Adults and Kids

This is a great set of weights for both your arms and your ankles. They come with a bag so you can carry them with you every time you go to the gym. These ankle weights are very comfortable and they will also last you a long time even if you use them daily. Since they are easy to adjust, you can wear them on your ankles or arms. The results will be the same thanks to the flexibility of these weights.

The adjustments that you need to make to use this product, are possible thanks to the velcro straps they come with. You can also use them outdoors as they are having a reflective material. You can use these weights at home or at the gym. They add a great advantage to your running sessions as well.

  • Carry bag included
  • Perfect for both your arms and ankles
  • Good for gym workout
  • Good for home workout and running
  • Easy to adjust
  • The velcro might not stick very firmly
  • The stitching might come undone
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ProsourceFit Ankle Weights for Women and Men

Another pair of weights that are great for both men and women are these ones from ProsourceFit. They come in not less than six different colors to choose from. These ankle weights will help you tone up your muscles and keep in shape. The material of these weights is a high-quality neoprene that is very comfortable to wear.

You can modify the size of these weights as you need to thanks to the durable velcro strap. They will fit any type of user with this adjusting system. These weights go from 1 to 5 pounds and you can increase them as you get stronger.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Great for both men and women
  • They go from 1 to 5 pounds
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Comfortable material
  • They can only be used for your ankles
  • The material is not made to last for a long time
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Gaiam Ankle Weights For Women & Men

These weights from Gaiam will help you model your body the way you want to during your workout. They come at a budget-friendly price and a very good quality. In the package you will get two different weights of 2.5 pounds each. For better results you should consider wearing them every time you workout.

These ankle weights are comfortable and they add just the type of weight you need to tone your muscles. You can adjust them just how you need so they fit your ankles perfectly. These weights can be great for a variety of workouts such as Yoga, Cardio, Pilates, and even plain running and walking. They have a resistant velcro closure and a durable material to rely on.

  • Great for all types of workout
  • Comfortable
  • Velcro closure
  • Adjustable size
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • No different colors to choose from
  • The stitching might need to be reinforced
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CAP Barbell 20-Pounds Ankle Weights

This CAP Barbell product is a more professional set of ankle weights that you will not regret investing in. It is not one of the budget-friendly products but you will fall in love with the quality of this pair. The weight of these weights can be adjusted by using the pockets that they come with. The size of these weights is also easy to adjust.

They come with a hook closure and a high-quality material. Their size is universal as you can modify it as you please. You can set these weights to 10 pounds for each one and a total of 20 pounds.but to avoid injuries, you should take it gradually and always put safety first.

  • Adjustable size
  • You can add and remove weights
  • Resistant material
  • Comfortable
  • Unisex
  • Not budget-friendly
  • They might be difficult to close
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Ankle Weights by Healthy Model Life

You can’t go wrong with these ankle weights from HEALTHYMODELLIFE. They are ones of the best that you can find on the market and you can use them on a daily basis. You can choose different weights from 1 pound to 8 pounds for each one of them. These weights can be perfect for both expert and beginner users.

By using these weights you upgrade your level of resistance as well as your workout performance. The grip of these ankle weights is very firm so they will not slide down or come undone. You can use them when you are walking, running or enjoying a hard session of gym workout.


Firm grip

Resistant material

Adjustable weights

Comfortable during all workouts

Easy to put on and take off


No different colors to choose from

Not a budget-friendly product

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Empower Ankle & Wrist Weights for Women

A bonus product that we would love to introduce to you is this set of ankle weights for women. They are made especially to accommodate the needs of women. With this package you get three different weights in one product. You can use them for both your wrists and ankles with the same incredible results. There is also the option to choose between a 5 pounds set and an 8 pounds set.

By wearing these weights you will manage to get rid of more calories at a time. This will make your workout more efficient and tone your legs each time you wear them. The material of these weights is a comfortable neoprene one and inside they are full of iron sand. The stitching system is also empowered so you don’t have to worry about getting it undone.

  • Women ankle weights
  • Comfortable neoprene material
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Easy to wear during all workouts
  • Set of three weights
  • They come in 5 pounds or 8 pounds
  • Not intended for men
  • Might be more difficult to close than other ankle weights
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Wearing ankle weights can definitely change the way you workout. You will notice that you can tone up your muscles a lot faster and with less hassle. These types of weights are recommended for both men and women. You can enjoy them during walking or jogging as well. And by following this guide, you will end up with a great pair of ankle weights for sure!

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