Buyers Guide for Best Baseball Bags and Backpacks

UPDATED – Are you a baseball player? It is essential for a player to have a baseball bag. This is because; the Best Baseball Bags makes it convenient for the players; to move his equipment’s from one point to another in a playing field. Baseball as a sport comes with a lot of equipment’s, which require strong well-made bags to store all your stuff. Baseball bags usually have compartments where equipment’s will be able to be stored in each compartment. This means that, the bag has compartment for each of the equipment i.e. for bats, cleats, shoes, and mitts among others.

Most players prefer bags with comfortable straps as this prevents their shoulders from getting hurt. The best baseball bag is complexly fashioned to have two features. That is an outer surface which is really thick and hard. Therefore, prevents your stuff from being damaged. The other feature is the inner surface that is cushioned thus preventing the equipment’s from depreciation.

Reasons to Have a Baseball Bag

Best Baseball Bags

Most players prefer lightweight bags. Best pitch baseball bags have additional pockets for keeping their wireless phones, I-Pods and money among other things. It also has a ventilated footwear section, fleece section for valuables, main storage area and top hidden storage area. Also there are bags that can only hold a baseball bat. They contain adaptable padded neck with shoulder band and closing carrying handles.  Even with duffel-style baseball equipment bag an individual will be able to have enough space to keep the bats, have room for the equipment’s and baseballs. A baseball bag being a must-have for every player due to the following reasons:

  • Relieves a player of the burden of carrying equipment’s to and fro a game or practice.
  • A player is able to save much effort as with these bags; as lesser trips are made to the vehicle to get the equipment’s.
  • The equipment’s can be safely kept plus there is avoidance of forgetting or misplacing the equipment’s.
  • A player gears are in one place thus saves time that could be used to sort the player’s equipment.

Baseball Bag Your Choice for Convenience

Best Baseball Bags

Baseball bags come in all variations, fabrics and color. There are numerous bags that you can choose from to keep your sporting gear.  The bag that you chose depends upon your needs. Most of these bags contain various compartments as mentioned earlier. Their prices depend upon their size and quality.  Getting an appropriate bag isn’t a simple task; but one is required to ensure the bag to be purchased meets your financial capacity plus requirement.

Top quality baseball bags can still be bought at a lower price range. This is possible through finding best deals to get the bags at. Bags with customized team name, numbers and logo or having the same color as the team’s sporting attire; this will appear quite impressive offering a sense of pride to both the coach and the team.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Baseball Bags

Best Baseball Bags

As a professional baseball player or as a coach of a team, it is important that you show great care to your sporting gear. The bags are of different styles as others suits the players and others the coaches. Choosing bags that highlight the teams color encourages the team’s spirit.  For some choosing the right baseball bag can be very challenging to figure out; the bags need to be functional and practical for carrying your gear; the following are some key facts you need to look at while choosing a baseball bag:

  1. Know the number of equipment’s you have; as this will show you the size of the bag you need in order to have all your stuff fit in the bag. Never go for the largest bag; but for a bag that not only enables you to carry your equipment’s, but you are able to carry the bag yourself. You can opt for a bag with shoulder straps, as you can simply sling it on your shoulder as you go.
  2. Your choice of a bag should have an inside padding, this protects the essentials inside from damages that occur due to accidental falls or drops.
  3. An elongated- shaped bag where you can store your bat without any worries of it being broken.
  4. The bag should be flexible that is one that has removable wheels or straps. The straps or the wheel makes it more convenient for the player to carry the bag.
  5. Check the material of the bag, if it’s made of a thicker and durable material.
  6. Ensure that your bag is water proof, which will ensure that no moisture gets into the interior of your bag; as the bag contains equipment’s like the wooden bat and gloves that are sensitive to moisture, which can affect their performance during the day if they get in contact with moisture. The material used can be leather, plastic or cloth.

Types of Baseball Bags

Without an equipment bag it is easy for the player to damage, lose or even to leave an expensive gear behind. This can cause the performance of the next game to be greatly compromised. While choosing a baseball bag there are varieties to choose from. It is up to the player to decide which one will suit them and the preference they have of a certain bag to others. We have a backpack, catcher bags, wheeled bags, coach’s bags, player bags, duffle bags, and equipment bags.

Top 5 Best Baseball Bags On The Market

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Easton Team Player Bag

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This Easton Team Player bag is made of T420 hex ripstop and 600D polyester. It has a large capacity to store all your baseball gear and an exterior bat holder for keeping your bat. In addition it has the ability to air out player cleats. Its dimension is 24”L*14W*13H. The following are its features:

  • It contains ventilated side pockets with a separate end pocket for additional storage.
  • Easton bag has a ventilated shoe tunnel which has removable panel for embellishment.
  • It’s important to note the plastic bottom plate for the structure is removable; with a Velcro Glove Zone that store battling gloves all through a practice or game.
  • The bag comes in different colors that you are able to choose from that is: red, black, purple or orange.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • Its pockets are vented.
  • The bag allows the user to personalize it according to their preference.


  • The bag does not have any hooks.
  • The bag is only able to hold one bat.

Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment Bag Backpack

Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment Bag Backpack (Hot Pink/Grey/Grey)
  • Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment Bag Backpack (Hot Pink/Grey/Grey)

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Louisville Slugger EB Series baseball equipment bag; has sufficient space to at least hold 3 bats in the bottom sleeve; you will be able to keep your helmet and your glove plus whatever else that can be able to fit into the bag. The bag is designed with 600D polyester material.


  • The bat pockets are separated in order to prevent the damage of other stuff.
  • It can hold two bats.
  • Contains personalization panel that allows users to change as needed.


  • It does not contain separate compartments for your shoes.

EASTON E610W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

EASTON E610W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag, Royal
  • DURABLE EQUIPMENT WHEELED BAG built to fit all of your gear and withstand any terrain with rugged inline wheels
  • HARD MOLDED BELLY WRAP provides extra durability to the base of the bag
  • BAT COMPARTMENT can store up to 4 bats, while the side slip pocket can hold all your personal items
  • OVERSIZED LARGE-MOUTH OPENING in the main compartment allows for easy access into the bag
  • CAPACITY: 4 bats, 1 catcher's set, 1 pair of shoes, 1 glove, 2 water bottles

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Getting to a practice or game? Perhaps heading home after a win. Well the Gorgeous, Huge and well-made EASTON E610W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag is what you need; for storing your catcher’s gear.  The bag is of T420 Hex Ripstop and 600D Polyester material. following:

  • Extra- large lockable zippers for durability and ease of use, plus prevents blowouts that can occur after a seasons use.
  • Has a full bottom rail that gives the bag its structure and strength up to the bottom of the bag.
  • Has ventilated pockets that allow your gear to dry quickly and air circulation to reduce odor.
  • Contains structural piping, which helps to maintain the shape plus maximizing load space.
  • Has telescoping handle for efficient transportation and reinforced straps that stabilizes load.


  • The bag comes with large storage capacity.
  • An individual is able to store four different bats.
  • It’s a highly durable product.
  • Wheeled Easton bag allows the user to drag it around instead of carrying the weight around.


  • The bag is a bit pricier compared to other products.

EASTON WALK-OFF IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

EASTON WALK-OFF IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag, Vegas Gold
  • EASTON'S NO. 1 BACKPACK FOR BASEBALL / SOFTBALL PLAYERS, this is perfect for players looking for a functional bag to carry to and from the field
  • UNIQUE EXTERNAL HELMET HOLDER provides more space for equipment inside the bag and has a designated space for team embroidery
  • DUAL ZIPPER DESIGN with fence hook for dugout functionality
  • VENTED SHOE COMPARTMENT to keep your shoes separated from other items and vented to keep shoes dry
  • TOP POCKET FOR PERSONAL ITEMS and two side bat sleeves with personal zippered pockets

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Our top pick of the best baseball bag in this review, it contains a helmet compartment which allows users to have more access to the space inside the bag; with designated team embroidery. The bag contains 20”H* 14”L* 9.5”W. The bag is in style with a great neon coloring. 420D honeycomb ripstop, 600D polyester material. Its features include:


  • Vented shoe compartments for cleats.
  • Contains an external helmet compartment
  • Has an external filled side compartment that can be used to store clothes, laptops and tablets.
  • Two side sleeves for either water bottles or bats.
  • It contains sport utility with dual zippers  with fence hooks for dugout function
  • Has an organization panel in the front pocket.
  • Contains a padded back and straps for comfort for the user.


  • It contains a top pocket where you are able to store your personal stuff.
  • Has a padded space which ensures that users have their belongings safe.

Under Armour Undeniable Baseball/Softball Backpack Bag

Under Armour Water Resistant Durable Undeniable Baseball Softball Bat Pack, Blue
  • Designed to holds 4 bats, batting helmet with cage, glove, and shoes
  • HeatGear ergonomic shoulder straps and padded back panel provide comfort
  • PTH valuable storage compartment to securely store your cell phone, wallet, and keys
  • Built-in fence hook for on-field organization
  • Unique top loading design remains open while hanging on the fence

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Has advanced organization, able to securely keep four bats and a lot of equipment’s. Its make is of 600D polyester material; a PU coated bottom panel headgear with comfortable shoulder straps. With a large capacity and it’s easy to clean. Its features include:


  • Has an ergonomic design which allows comfort and its functionality.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • The bats are secure when inside as the bat sleeves are made to be long.
  • Has a shoe compartment on top of the bag that can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Can be able to hold size 11 pair of high top spikes.


  • The price of the bag is quite high


The above mentioned bags are just some of the top baseball bags in the market.  They differ in prices, type, make and their features; but every player is able to get a bag that fits their finance.  The type of bag you choose does not matter as they ensure to give you the best service.

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