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One of the most important equipment on any baseball match is baseball cleats. The best baseball cleats are shoes that have been strictly and specifically designed for optimal performance. A baseball player can run very easily on grass or dirt all thanks to the uniquely designed baseball cleats. Unlike a bat or a glove, the cleats are always with you whether you are standing in the batter’s box, running the bases after a huge hit into the gap in left-center field, or fielding a ground ball on the field. Therefore, it is important to choose the best cleats.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Baseball Cleats

There are a couple of basic factors that you have to consider before you start looking for the best baseball cleats for your feet. Some of these factors are as followed:


Age matters a lot when it comes to buying cleats. If you are a boy of an adolescent age, then the molded baseball cleats are the best suited for you. However, for professionals, metal cleats are incredible for maximum traction. It does not end with that.

Shoe Style

Next comes your style of shoe! Remember to keep in mind the shoe style you need. The style of the shoe is determined by one’s ankle height. With various height option available in the market today such as low top, mid top, and high top, pick the one that will correctly fit. For people with weak ankles, both the mid top and high top are the best. The low-top baseball cleats are found to be more flexible and lighter compared to the high top and mid top cleats.

Brand Preference

You can easily find a vast selection of cleats from major brands like NEW BALANCE, NIKE, UNDER ARMOUR, MIZUNO, ADIDAS, and more. Whether you are a professional and beginner player, pick an ideal footwear that guarantees superior stability and fit. Improve your overall performance by wearing branded baseball cleats of your choice.

Different Types of Cleats

Depending on the nature of the ground you are playing, there are varying types of cleats made from different materials. Since baseball is played on different kinds of surfaces, cleats are designed accordingly to improve your overall performance. Check out the different cleats below:

Metal Cleats

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Metal cleats mostly feature round bladed studs around the edges of the shoe and are pointed in various directions. This sort of cleats gives incredible traction on either the dirt surfaces or grass fields. It works better on grounds where they can penetrate sand or grass surface. In most cases, Secondary schools, colleges, and professional players use this type, as it has permanent metal spikes.

Molded rubber cleats

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Molded rubber cleats have been well designed to have small and grooves protrusions in the middle of the shoe. Baseball shoes that uses these cleats are mostly worn by young players. Molded rubber cleats work ideally on loose dirt. It is, therefore, the best choice for intermediate level and beginners baseball players.

Turf Cleats

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Turf spikes come with bottoms made of plastic, highlighting shallow patterns that allow more traction. This type of cleat works better on concrete and asphalt surfaces. It is ideal for field drills and training.

Interchangeable cleats.

Best Baseball Cleats

As its name suggests, the studs of the interchangeable cleats shoe can be changed from plastic to metal and vice versa. The studs of these shoes can be effortlessly screwed on and off,

Best Baseball Cleats In the Market

Without further ado, our pick of the best baseball cleats are:

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Read on to see why we pick them to be the best.

New Balance L3000v2

New Balance Men's L3000v2 Low Metal Baseball Cleats Grey/Blue 2E 15
  • /All over synthetic (SB2)
  • /Camo lining
  • /Dual-density midsole - Full length Revlite rc/heel Revlite
  • /Form fitting tongue
  • /Laser-etched/highly polished plate

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If you are a person who is looking for efficiency and speed then New Balance L3000v2 is the cleats for that. This cleat utilizes a laser carved spike plate having MLB-agreeable 8-spikes on the outsole that thus gives incredible grasp and increasing the speed that is reserved for baseball players at higher level.

What makes this cleat stand out from the rest is the use of Nubuck upper and FantomFit mesh. The combination of this, allows your fit to feel a nice snug. It is as if your foot is permanently locked in the shoe though it still permits a higher level of breathability.

The perfectly sized tongue that is inside the shoe helps to keep your foot nicely in place. At the same time, its provides a decent amount of adaptability and flexibility. In return, this allows you to make quick moves in the field.


  • It is inexpensive and have great quality.
  • it fits for people with wider foot.
  • Many sizes to choose from for that perfect fit.
  • it is very light, great for running.


  • Some people don’t like its design.

New Balance L4040

New Balance Men's 4040 V2 Metal Baseball Shoe, Black/Red, 9 D US
  • Low-cut baseball shoe with eight-cleat plate, form-fitting tongue, TPU tip overlay, and overlasted midfoot support cradle
  • Full-length REVlite foam midsole
  • Lightweight speed outsole plate

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This cleat has been endorsed by Boston Red Sox’s second baseman, Dustin Pedroia. Apart from being endorsed by a great pro, these low metal cleats provide comfort and great support by using full-length ReVlite midsole. New Balance L4040 is among our choices of baseball cleats because of its weight, it is only 12.9 ounces. As a matter of fact, someone can easily steal the bases because of its lightweight.

The tongue used provides great flexibility thereby allowing you to use less effort when you are running. I can assure you, New Balance L4040 is a quality brand from New Balance Company. This is because it comes with a lot of advanced features that make baseball game feel easier.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides great comfortability and stability.
  • Just like the  New Balance baseball cleat above, it fits for people with wide foot.


  • Slightly priced higher compared to the baseball cleat above.

Mizuno 9-Spike Swagger 2

Mizuno USA Mens 9-Spike Adv. Swagger-M, Grey/Red, 12 D US
  • Nine spike advanced outsole for superior traction and comfort
  • Proflex allows for forefoot to flex through multi flex zones
  • Full length midsoles for maximum comfort
  • Mizuno performance last developed to provide optimal fit and feel for baseball
  • Padded tongue for superior comfort

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The 9-Spike Swagger 2 series is one of the popular best baseball cleats in the market. It’s outsole is all metal and provides the player with great amount stability. This feature allows you to speed up easily all over the field.

Mizuno also uses ProFlex technology that provides extra flex for your front foot though various multi-flex zones.


  • Many colors and styles to choose from.
  • Gives great support around the arch area that keeps you centered in your foot.
  • Great for running without the pounding feel.


  • Expensive compared to other cleats

Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Afterburner Baseball Shoe

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This brand was designed using the MLB players, which makes it a blend of innovation and style. Its weight is 10.5 ounces, which makes it the lightest in this list. Adidas used SPRNTFRAME technology to these cleats that modified the shape to make sure it is light and still effective.

The outsole of these 5-tool 2.5 cleats, a PROTRAX 5×3 is used to provide the player with better traction regardless of the surface. Due to this, the runner can easily accelerate. These shoes are very comfortable as they have an adjustable loop and hook strap for a more secure fit. Also, on the upper sole, they have synthetic leather.


  • The design makes you look like a professional player.
  • Comfortable and long lasting.


  • Few colors to choose.
  • Some people find it very narrow.


I hope you have enjoyed looking at our list of the best choices when it comes to baseball cleats that are available in the market today.

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