Best Baseball Radar Guns

best baseball radar gun

Radar guns are some of the most significant tools which every coach or athlete should have. When it comes to baseball, radar guns help the player or coach evaluate the skills/speed in a much quicker time. Making it a sure-fire technique since the player is specifically judged by how fast the ball is going. The significance having the best baseball radar guns to measure pitch speed and track progress can’t be overstated. Some time back, coaches were only capable of tracking pitch location; thanks to baseball radar guns, now they can easily measure pitch speed, which is very crucial element for pitchers. If you are coaching a baseball team and you would like to find the best instrument to track the progress of your team, it’s important you find an effective radar gun, which will correctly measure the speed of the pitch/ball.

Our Top Pick Radar Gun : Bushnell Velocity Baseball Radar Gun

Out of all the radar guns we recommend on this page, Bushnell Velocity Baseball Radar Gun has come up to our top pick. The simplicity, the accuracy and the affordability is great. It’s a truly 5-star radar gun.

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Major Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Baseball Radar Gun


Just like any other purchase, you should consider very carefully how much are you willing to spend. Getting to know how much you are going to spend on radar gun will greatly save you great amount of time and aggravation. Purchasing a new baseball radar gun is an exciting endeavor, having an argument over cash is the last thing you require.

I believe this should be the first factor to consider before anything else.


Once you have sort out the issue of budget, you will need to consider the main reasons why are you purchasing a radar gun. In this case, your main reason would be different activities related to baseball.

You would use radar gun mainly as a training equipment, therefore, when you are considering which radar gun to purchase, you should be looking for features, which will help you with things like pitch speed and ability to review previous sessions.

Whether you are a person who is searching for radar guns for fun, sports, a gift idea, or even to see the speed of cars that are driving in your area, it is very important to know exactly why are you buying that device.


The different features a radar gun have determine how much you will pay for it. This is the right place where deciding the right purpose of one’s purchase will help him/her decide what specific features is he will to pay for and the ones he can do without.

For example, if you are trying to be a professional scout of a major baseball league then you will mostly require a baseball radar gun, which can easily pick up the speed of the ball from hundred yards and beyond. On the flip side, when you are a scout for the big leagues, you will obviously pay for that type of distance.

See what others have to say

The other factor to consider is always reading about what other individuals have to say about a specific baseball radar gun you want to buy. Luckily, you are in the right place to get the best baseball radar guns, since I am a big fan of baseball and I enjoy playing it also. My exposure to baseball has given me the opportunity to come across different models of baseball radar guns, which are available in the market.

I have come across some great radar guns and some, which have made me, scratch my head, wondering how such guns got into the market.

To come up with the list below, we had to read different customer comments to find out why they don’t or do like it. If we came across negative feedbacks like “this baseball radar gun cannot pick up the speed of the ball from the stands”, we would then look through the features of that particular radar to get to know the exact distance it can cover.

However, we were not just discounting any model because maybe there was someone who was trying to read the speed of the ball from a football pitch away with a radar gun, which is rated for a hundred feet.

Reading what other individuals from different parts of the world have to say about a baseball radar gun is totally worth it.

Five Best Baseball Radar Guns

Bushnell Velocity Baseball Radar Gun

The Bushnell Velocity comes with an amazing simple design, which anyone can use, and it’s among the best affordable options of its style in the marketplace while being dead-on accurate. Depending on the object size in motion, Bushnell Velocity Speed radar gun can detect speeds from 10-200 miles per hour.

This gun is a good entry into the baseball as it comes at a cheaper price to both the players and coaches at different levels who are looking precise readings at their throws. It is easy to use; its simple design means any player or coach can take a very short period to know/understand how it works. You are just supposed to press and hold, and then release in order to get the readings. One disadvantage of this radar gun is that one needs to either be in direct line with the pitch so that he/she can be able to get accurate readings – veering to the right or left will throw off result.

This is a great choice, which does not break the bank; for sure, Bushnell here have scored a winner with their baseball radar gun.

  • Accurate readings within one mile per hour.
  • Affordable price.
  • It comes with a simple design (whereby only 2 buttons are present) which makes it very simple to use.
  • The LCD screen enables the user to read large text with ease.
  • Only reads in short range.
  • Target should only be in straight line with the radar gun (this means that you should stand directly behind the catcher).
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Pocket Radar Ball Coach

This radar gun is one of the most accurate baseball radar guns today, and one of the highly rated radar guns on the Amazon. It allows instant feedback for baseball coaches to help them with hitting and pitching, thereby giving valuable help to pitchers with real time results. What stands out most about this baseball radar gun is that it comes at a reasonable price without sacrificing too much accuracy.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach is not like other radar gun; instead, it’s more of a remote. Since it’s like a remote it can easily fit into your pocket as you are going to the pitch, making it easier for you to carry around. Most individuals find a lot of issues with guarding their guns from weather conditions when they are not using it; luckily, it’s very simple/easy to protect Pocket Radar Ball Coach.

The good thing about this model is that it grants the coach to do his coaching work without necessarily having a radar gun on his hands at all time. When you are taking a break, you could put it on the fence or on a tripod, and you can go do whatever you want to do! It can be used in different sports, and not only in baseball, making it a versatile tool, which can used for different teams. It can track the last twenty-five speed by memory, therefore, you really do not have to just sit alongside and record everything.

  • It has a good memory
  • Very easy to carry
  • Its mode of hands-free is ideal for coaching
  • Should be at the right angle for you to record accurate readings.
  • Its accuracy is not as precise as high-end radar guns
  • Takes a bit of practice to get used to it.
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Stalker Pro 2 Baseball Radar Speed Gun

Stalker is the undisputed leader when it comes to baseball radar guns. One of the oldest labels when it comes to baseball is Stalker, and now they have introduced Stalker Pro radar gun, which is an improvement of the earlier model, ensuring why it is among the best-favored radar gun for big leagues.

This baseball radar gun is one-step above everything; it is truly a good addition to the top level of coaches out there. Stalker Pro 2 Baseball Radar Speed Gun varies from the earlier model, since this new model comes with a lithium battery, which is rechargeable. The earlier model did not have a hard plastic carrying case that also works by protecting this new model. When you look at this model, you will realize it is more heavy-task radar gun compared with others in the market.

Apart from being good for baseball, it is also good for autos. This is surely a great gun for anyone who is looking for more of versatility in a radar gun. When it comes to baseball, one can precisely clock speeds that are as far as five-hundred feet away. Somehow, this is crazy, and it only means that you have a perfect gun if you are on the higher tier of scouting or coaching.

Additionally, this radar gun can measure pitch’s speed as well as the ball’s speed as it’s been hit.  Therefore, you can rest assured you are going no matter what to get your cash’s worth in case you decide to pay such a little bit high price.

  • Professionals at every level mostly use it.
  • When you buy, it is usually accompanied with a case, which is made from hard plastic.
  • Accurate to within 1 mile per hour.
  • It is the undisputed king in the market.
  • The high level of precision offered is not required for players who are just starting.
  • Large size
  • It is a little bit more expensive and might be over budget for many coaches.
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Jugs Baseball Radar Gun

This is highly the only gun on this well listed radar guns, which can challenge Stalker Pro 2 for the title of finest baseball radar gun. This Jugs makes into the list as the highly priced top tier radar gun, which promotes itself, as more precise than even the Stalker. This radar gun is gaining more use and traction at college and high school teams. Jugs baseball radar gun enables baseball coaches to see the speeds both at the release point of pitcher (Fast) and (Last) when the pitch will reach the plate.

This radar gun operates on eight rechargeable black and decker battery. It is built with DSP technology, which allows more and faster accurate readings at the pitcher’s release point. It can either operate in automatic mode or in manual trigger mode.

  • Operates in 2 modes (Continuous and Trigger).
  • It is built with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, which is actually more accurate to about a half mile per hour.
  • It has the ability to get the speed both at the release point and at the plate.
  • Distance works up to 300 feet.
  • It is bulkier and heavier, it cannot just fit into your pocket.
  • It is a little bit expensive, which not everyone can afford.
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Sports Sensors Glove Radar

A small, cheap Doppler radar velocity sensor can be attached to a glove of a baseball player for measuring the speed of baseball ball before it’s caught. It can simply be removed from, and attached to any baseball glove. This radar gun has been simply designed resulting to a low-cost, versatile, small device, which is affordable to both senior and youth level individual and team players. The low price tag in this radar gun makes it a valuable consideration for coaches who are just starting or the ones who are looking to spend little cash on a baseball radar gun.

  • It can be easily attached to any baseball glove.
  • Adequate for amateur level coaches and players.
  • Small and fairly portable.
  • It is easy to understand and operate.
  • Inconsistent readings and poor accuracy.
  • It works best when the ball comes directly toward the baseball radar gun.
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Getting the best baseball radar guns in the market is not easy, hence, make sure you take some time to weigh all the different options at your disposal and determine the best radar gun for you. When it comes to baseball radar guns, I would personally recommend Bushnell, especially if you are someone who is just starting to play baseball. This is because it gives ideal combination of precise readings at a cheap price. When and if you are ready to go into the next higher level then invest in Stalker Pro 2 and you will be all set to play baseball.

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