best batting gloves for baseball that you can use when playing

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball (UPDATED 2021)

UPDATE– A pair of baseball batting gloves is important for proper gripping of the bat when the player is stepping on the plate. The design of best batting gloves for baseball are basic on the surface but vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with some using materials like fabric and leather to make their product outstanding. Batting gloves are put on while on the plate to minimize the amount of shock exposed to your hands when the bat encounters the ball.

Our Top Pick Gloves : Louisville Slugger Batting Gloves

Out of all the gloves we recommend on this page, Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Batting Gloves has come up to our top pick. The quality of the leather, the absorption design is outstanding. It’s a truly 5-star gloves

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Guide to Choose the Best Batting Gloves for Baseball

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball

Baseball batting gloves must fit the hand well to avoid inconveniences during the gaming process. A baseball glove should have a size ranging from 9 inches to 12.75 inches for youth and adults respectively.

Glove Quality

Batting gloves are made of heavy leather and takes much time to tear off. You may want to choose a pair of gloves that fit your hand right and with no palm pads and should have an adjustable wrist strap. Natural materials such as pigskin, kangaroo skin, and cowhide and kip leather are some of the materials used. The baseball gloves are also present in a number of synthetic materials. These are recommended for the starters since they are less expensive.

Gloves Verses Mitts

Gloves have fingers while mitts do not. For controlling balls that don’t hit the pocket, mitts are preferred to the gloves. They also help in scooping short hops and ground balls. Only the 1st base and catcher use the mitts. This should be considered when purchasing the stuff.

Youth Gloves

Batting gloves usually fits the user and are convenient to them. Purchasing `large’ gloves for your child hoping they will grow to fit into the glove will only discourage them making them quit the activity after the gloves fall off your child’s hand. It is advisable to buy your child gloves of the right size the first time to avoid such inconveniences.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • The leather should not be beaten by any accessory.
  • Any source of heat must not be used on the glove.
  • Do not use anything other than conditioners made for baseball gloves
  • Oils or conditioners containing silicone should not be used with the gloves.
  • Use the glove conditioners sparingly

The Important Do’s

  • Gloves should be stored away from excess heat
  • Always wear the batting glove on your glove hand to protect yourself.
  • If the gloves get wet, dry them naturally.
  • Use the gloves regularly during the break-in process.


Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting Gloves

Many baseball players prefer batting gloves that are made of Leather. Louisville is one of the companies that produce high-quality leather gloves that easily reduce the shock, which is encountered between the bat and ball. Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting Gloves are durable and soft.

The gloves dry well after sweating making them comfortable for the users. The gloves also have the ability to open and close easily making them convenient for the users. It has Flex Bridge that gives the glove a strong hold and fastens the wrist.


The 5 pro batting glove from Louisville are professionally designed and usually sold in pairs:

  • The palm of the glove is made of goatskin to ensure the best grip.
  • It ensures a secure wear since it has an elastic stretch Velcro.
  • For maximum fit, the glove has the lycra stretch zones.
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Nike MVP Elite Pro 2.0 Batting Gloves

The Nike Batting Gloves provides the best gripping of the ball and protection to the user. The gloves are in varying sizes to fit the different users well and allow their hand to freely move within the glove and bend.

In case it gets wet, it breathes and dries making them stay soft and last longer. The thin leather enables the user to get a good hold of the baseball bat. The gloves occur in a variety of colors for the user’s choice and have the Velcro around the wrist for a better fit to the user’s hand.

Unlike other Nike batting gloves, the – this gloves has the following features:

  • The palm is made of leather from the sheepskin. This makes the glove durable.
  • The small GB0376-020-S has a mesh panel that keeps the users hand cool. One-piece palm construction to eliminate seams at key wear zones.
  • The glove has a unique mesh thumb and knuckle gusset to enable flexibility as well as breathing.
  • It fits the user’s hands since it has an articulated wrist strap.
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Evoshield Prostyle Batting Gloves

Just like the other batting gloves from Evoshield, they have a leather palm with a grip pattern that helps reduce the shock from the bat-ball encounter. This also allows for quick grip.

Evoshield Prostyle Batting Glove contains a protective Gel-to-shell shield that protects the user by dispersing the impact of the bat-ball encounter. The yellow, black and grey color of this glove are appealing to the eye.

The Prostyle-batting glove, unlike other batting glove Evoshield, has a number of features that makes it outstanding:

  • It has a Pittard’s leather that makes the user feel good when they are worn.
  • The power stretch fabric known as the mesh enables breathing creating flexibility and comfort.
  • The custom-molding hand shield and the presence of the pocket at the back of the glove help in preventing hand injuries to the user.
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Under Armour Men’s UA Clean Up Batting Gloves

These durable batting gloves occur in a variety of colors and styles. Are considered durable because they are thicker compared to the other batting gloves available. They fit around the wrist well enabling for a nice fit for the user. They have a leather padding that greatly reduce the impact of the bat.

The men’s UA clean up batting gloves stand out due to the following features:

  • The glove synthetic making it favorable to the starters.
  • The goatskin leather palm ensures it is durable and comfortable to the users.
  • Embossed synthetic overlays add support, structure & grip without losing flexibility
  • The glove has perforation on the palm side finger to enhance ventilation.
  • The glove fits the user’s wrist due to the presence of the contoured wrist.
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A Quick Thought

Protection against the excessive impact of the interaction between the ball and bat is important for baseball players. The best batting gloves for baseball have been used as one of the protective gears against such effects to the user. So, go for the best gloves in the market today.

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