Best BBCOR Bats - Our Top 5 BBCOR Bats Review

Best BBCOR Bats – Our Top 5 BBCOR Bats Review (UPDATED)

UPDATED – BBCOR stands for Bat –Ball Coefficient of Restitution. This is a standard used in governing baseball bats for adult baseball that is high school or college leagues, some middle schools may also require that the baseball bats has the BBCOR mark. This standard regulates the amount of energy lost when the bat is in contact with the baseball. It is very important to always go for best BBCOR bats. The BBCOR bat measures the trampoline effect of a bat, the higher a number that a bat registers in a test the greater the trampoline effect it contains.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Federation of State High School Associations came to an agreement that, 0.50 is the maximum value that a BBCOR bat can achieve; this is slightly higher than that of a wooden bat. Through BBCOR standard, a player’s safety is improved plus guarantees that; non-wood bats perform comparably as to wood bats thus leveling the playing field.

All BBCOR baseball bats have the above mark on either at the taper or barrel. For a bat to be BBCOR certified it ought to contain a length to weight ratio of not more than -3. A barrel diameter that is not greater than 2 5/8 inches. With a length that is not more than 36”.

Our Top Pick BBCOR Bats: Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Out of all the bats we recommend on this page, Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp has come up to our top pick. The patented technology, sizes, and features are what people looks for BBCOR bats. It’s a truly 5-star bat.

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Benefits of Using the Best BBCOR Bats

  • They are safer than wooden bats, this is because they are harder to break but if they do the bats do not splinter.
  • They often contain large sweets spots than wood bats.

How to Pick The Right Baseball Bat.

  1. League Requirements

Leagues have different bat requirement and restrictions. For instance, college and high school requires that a player’s bat should be BBCOR certified.  Bats that are not wooden ought to comply with the BBCOR plus display the official NCAA certification mark on the taper or barrel; in order to be legal for either regular plays or season.

  1. Bat Weight


Most bats are weighed using ounce.  Their weights are balanced to their length; while selecting your weight, your strength and hitting style greatly matters; also what you prefer in terms of length and weight. Small and less strong players tend to select lighter bats for quicker swing while bigger and stronger players choose heavier bats which provides to them not only heft but also swing power benefits.   Furthermore, a lighter bat reduces chances of injury for a young player and increases control. Therefore, while making a selection swing different bats to be able to choose the bat weight suitable for you.

  1. Barrel Diameter

It’s required that, you understand the different barrel sizes in order to make the appropriate pick for the right bat. Barrel diameter is usually 2 ¾ inch, 2 5/8inch or 2 ¼ inch. 2 ¾ inch are utilized by some leagues and travel teams; 2 5/8 inch barrel  is the maximum barrel diameter that colleges and high school players use and 2 ¼  diameter barrel is for little league, for  children under the age of 12 years.

  1. Bat Length

Bats have their weights balanced to their length which are combined for high performance. A longer bat gives you an advantage of hitting balls on the plate’s other side but this also means that; your bat will have more weight thus interfering with your speed. Hence, advised to swing bats just as determining the right bat weight for you; in order to see which one fits you more.

  1. Bat Material

Bats are made of different materials. Each of the material has special characteristics plus advantages to the player. When choosing you’re bat material you have to consider which league you are playing in, the amount of cash, you are willing to spent on purchasing the bat and the type of hitter that you. The material to choose from includes the following, which makes the four main types of bats that we have.

Why Use a Hybrid Bat?

The Four Main Steps in Selecting the Perfect BBCOR Bat

  1. Setting a Budget

BBCOR bats tend to be expensive due to the material used and also due to the market conditions that may increase the prices. These bats range in prices from $ 49.99 to $399.99. The average bat goes for $ 199.99 to $ 299.99. Although a more expensive bat can go all the way to $450 to $500 as its demand exceeds the supply. Having a bat budget not only helps you not to overspend but also it can be very helpful in an unpredictable market.

  1. Selecting a Manufacturer


Selecting a manufacturer can be very difficult considering that there are great choices to choose from.  Therefore, be sure that you cannot miss a bat that is just for you. Having a big number of manufacturers to choose from, below are some top manufacturers you can choose from. This includes:

Select a few manufacturers that you know. This will provide you with a starting point as you select the best bat for you.

  1. Selecting a Design

BBCOR bats come in different designs like the; hybrid (alloy and composite), aluminum alloy, composite and wood. Each of these designs has its own pros and cons thus it’s important to choose a bat that suits you’re hitting style and personal strength. The one-piece alloy is the most common BBCOR design as it’s more affordable while the composite and hybrid BBCOR bat is more expensive.

  1. Selecting the Proper Size

For college and high school play the bats being used is to have a length to weight difference of -3.Most bat sizes are either 32” or 33”. Factors like personal preference, player’s experience and body type are put into considerations.

The listed steps will help you in selecting the perfect BBCOR bat for yourself for the season.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best BBCOR bats that are there in the market this includes: DeMarini 2016 Voodoo BBCOR baseball bat, Mizuno Nighthawk baseball bat (-3), Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3 BBCOR Baseball Bat, Louisville Slugger BBCOR Prime 916 (-3) Baseball Bat WTLBBP9163 and AXE 2016 L138D Element HyperwhipTMBBCOR (-3) (31”/28oz) among others.

The Best BBCOR Bats


This bat uses real science to be able to create a massive barrel, with a one- piece alloy with a balance of a two piece composite. An AXE bat fuses three inches of lightweight carbon fiber to the end of a barrel with super-hot mantic alloy; thus giving hitters the speed they crave. The bat is BBCOR certified.

  • AXE bat is able to drop the MOI without an inch of barrel being lost thus; hitters have the lowest swing weight of any long- barrel BBCOR alloy bat.
  • AXE handle benefits as it provides better bat control, stabilizes the players grip giving more bat speed and power.
  • Its handle is ergonomically designed therefore; it naturally fits the contour of an individual player.
  • The bat handle reduces injury on your hand, as round handles put a lot of pressure on a given point on the hand.
  • If an individual is not satisfied with its performance within 30 days of its purchase, it can be sent back for a refund or exchange.
  • Its price is quite high than other bats.
  • This bat is not allowed in some leagues thus before purchasing it be sure to check your league requirements.
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This bat contains a two- piece bat construction, 2 5/8inch barrel diameter. The bat is BBCOR certified. The DeMarini Voodoo has a hybrid design plus a one year manufacturer’s warranty. This is the ultimate bat for any player who attacks with power, it brings boom for hitters who want the extra carry distance.

  • The bat contains an X12 alloy barrel with a slight end load, which has the power and pop you require when it’s out of the wrapper.
  • Has the D- fusion 2.0 which kicks it up a notch higher with a stiffer feel, plus a more barrel performance and reduces vibration.
  • Has a Low Pro end cap which optimizes swing weight, sound and feel.
  • This bat can tend to be pretty pricey
  • In some leagues this kind of bat is not allowed.
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This bat has a size of 34”/31oz with a fused carbon structure of composite design. Have a flex band technology, lizard skins grip and a patented TRUZ technology that reduces vibration plus providing unmatched feel on contact. With the PRIME 916 an individual can be able to get maximum POP.

  • Has a 3- piece construction that gives the PRIME 916 a lighter swing weight hence, ensuring a maximum control.
  • The PRIME 916 gives you an unmatched performance and the best possible feel when you make contact.
  • They are not made of a durable material.
  • It has a hefty price tag on it.
  • Some leagues don’t allow the use of this bat.
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The Nighthawk is BBCOR certified as a result approved for NFHS and NCAA play. It has a size of 34”/31oz and barrel diameter of 2 5/8. The Nighthawk hybrid is precisely made with a patented 2-piece LINKTM construction, which combines multi-thickness alloy barrel with a composite handle thus; creating a massive sweet spot with a reduced vibration.

  • The bat has a single wall aluminum alloy barrel for a great performance and sound.
  • It has a new improved synthetic leather grip therefore, providing tack and a great feel.
  • Has an increased swing speed due to the balanced swing weight.
  • This bat also has a variable wall thickness technology. Adjusting the wall thickness on various barrel locations, the performance can be increased creating a sweet area.
  • It’s lighter in weight thus it’s more preferred by younger and small players.
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The bat has a -3 ratio of length to weight ratio, a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inch. The BBCOR Mako Beast-3 combines the game’s fastest swing weight and the game’s longest two- piece composite barrel. The bat is also BBCOR certified plus it has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Its color can either be; white, black or gray.

  • Has a two piece TCT Thermo Composite Barrel design, which provides massive barrel and unmatched swing speed.
  • A patented two-piece conneXion Technology Composite Design, which maximizes transfer of energy for an optimized feel.
  • Has 1.2mm hyperskin grip that provides stability plus feel on all types of contact and a softer feel.
  • The material can wear off.
  • It has a higher price tag on it
  • It is not permitted in some leagues.
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The above listed bats brand are just some of the brands that you can choose from as a hitter. The bat guarantees a high a performance on your game. Therefore, you are all set for your game.

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