Best Catchers Mitt for Kids Recommended by Professionals

A catcher’s mitt is among the essential pieces of equipment that you buy for your young catcher. It is crucial to purchase a reliable, long-lasting, and fitting catcher’s mitt. This is because it is the primary tool for catching a ball and protecting wild pitches. Nonetheless, finding the best catcher’s glove can be challenging, mainly when you reckon a quick Google search for the ‘best youth catchers mitts’; will result in different results. Therefore, the list below has narrowed down the best catchers mitt you can purchase for your youth.


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Best Catchers Mitt Your Kids Can Always Rely On

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth 32-Inch Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher's Mitt
  • Power Close makes it easier for younger players to close the glove and catch the ball.
  • V Flex Notch is designed to help initiate easy closure
  • ParaShock palm pad absorbs the shock of repeated use, providing outstanding protection and ideal comfort
  • 32.50" Catcher's mitt
  • Youth transitional sized

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The Mizuno Prospect GXC105 mitt is an excellent choice for a young athlete playing behind the plates. Although the mitt is designed with a youth baseball player in mind, the Mizuno Prospect GXC105 has various similarities to its Fastpitch model. The mitt is built by Mizuno, with a Prospect of a youth catcher glove that measures thirty-two point five inches.

The mitt contains a two pieced closed web, with its internal design having strategically set hinges, which allows the glove to be quickly closed. This is quite handy for players with small hands. The mitt is comparatively lightweight, featuring a soft liner around the hand and an additional palm pad.

 It is essential to note that this catcher’s mitt is available for right-handed and left-handed throwers. The downside of this catcher’s mitt is its internal padding isn’t the thickest there is. A player may need to pair it with an inner protective glove or a glove sponge to avoid any possibility of a sting.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 32-Inch Catcher’s Mitt

Louisville Slugger Omaha 32" Catcher's Mitt, Black/Gray
  • 32" catcher's WTLOMRB17CM
  • Half Moon web
  • Soft full-grain Steerhide leather

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The Louisville Slugger is known worldwide for their baseball bats; however, they are also known for their baseball gloves, such as its youth’s catcher mitts. The Omaha thirty-two inches comes with a customary open-back design common to a catcher’s mitt. The mitt is made of full-grain steer-hide leather that aids in promoting its durability and retaining the shape of the mitt for a more extended period.

The drawback of this mitt is its long break-in period, which makes the catcher’s mitt not an ideal replacement glove in mid-season. The mitt is additionally on the pricier end, not to forget it doesn’t come with performance-enhancing features.

The Akadema AGC98  32-Inch Prodigy Series Glove

Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove
  • 32" circumference Praying Mantis pattern
  • Spiral lock web
  • Open back
  • Deep pocket

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The Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series mitt perfectly integrates the youth catcher’s mitts with various advantageous attributes; that help your youth play safely and comfortably. The glove is thirty-two inches, which is prompted by the praying mantis pattern that also aids in promoting absorption of shock and an erectile pocket.  Its web is made of a spiral lock plan, and it has an open back that offers a more customized fit, ensuring that the catcher can quickly move their hand.

Additionally, the mitt deep padded pocket provides high-quality comfort and ease of catching with no loss of control in any condition. The glove is available for both right-handed and left-handed throwers. The pocket’s back is of high-quality steer hide and akademalyte leather, which reduces the mitt’s weight and makes it easier to quickly transfer and maneuver a baseball ball for a fast throwdown, providing a long-lasting construction.

There are also two well-patterned and placed finger hammocks that ensure the fingers are correctly placed. The mitt comes with a Grasp-Clasp wrist system that tightens round the hand’s and wrist back for a secure fit needed by every baseball catcher. The mitt’s Spiral-Lock web and an open-back design make it easy for a player to have them on.

Thanks to the various features that accompany the mitt, it offers a snug fit to its players. The downside of this catcher’s mitt is that its steerhide leather can take longer to attain a break-in effectively.

Marucci Geaux Mesh Series Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

Marucci MFGGXM315CM Geaux Mesh Series Baseball Fielding Gloves, Gray/Black, 31.5"
  • Soft Steer hide shell leather provides a supple, Game-Ready feel and ideal weight
  • Breathable and durable air mesh back offers a lighter feel and improved breathability
  • Medium-deep pocket pattern construction is the ideal pattern for most players
  • Velcro closure for secure fit with scaled down finger stalls and hand patterns provide a Youth custom fit
  • Skillfully and individually handcrafted for an Individual custom feel and superior quality

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This is a thirty-one point five inches youth catcher’s mitt with an exceptional level of excellence. Although it’s a mitt made for youth players, it comes with various features and a quality design that is a characteristic of Marucci’s adult mitt. The features include; a handcrafted glove that gives it a sense of individuality. The attention to the details of the mitt raises the Marucci Geaux Series Mesh to another level.

The mitt’s design is of a blend of steerhide and cowhide leather, with the softer cowhide being utilized in finger linings of the mitt’s interior. The steerhide, on the other hand, is used in critical areas such as webbing and pocket. The mitt’s back is an air mesh material, making the top of the youth catcher’s mitt breathable and lighter.

The downside of the mitt is seen in the 31.5 inches being smaller in some youth players also, because the glove is handcrafted, which makes its price to be higher compared to other brands.

Easton Mako Youth Series Catcher’s Mitt

Easton Mako Youth Series Catcher's Mitt, Left Hand Throw
  • Pro cowhide is a thinner hide, oil-tanned and tumbled soft, providing a lightweight and flexible glove, perfect for young players
  • Hyperlite design uses lightweight PU to optimize balance and reduce overall weight
  • Oiled hog hide palm lining
  • Super soft sponge-tricot finger lining
  • Professional patterns scaled down for young players

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The Easton is a well-constituted baseball organization, as it’s known for its quality and top-performing mitts, catcher’s equipment and bats. The mitt is a thirty-one inch, armoured down pro glove that fits a young player hand’s. The mitt’s finger linings are made of super soft and sponge material for additional comfort. The sponge material offers a comfortable fit and dampens a ball’s sting while pounding on the pocket.

The mitt utilizes Easton’s Hyperlite technology, polyurethane, and lightweight material working in arrangement with JPro Cowhide construction. In places where durability is not essential, the glove uses the Hyperlite material to save weight; hence, making the mitt balanced. With the combination of the soft leather, synthetic and lightweight materials, the glove has a short break-in time.

The Easton Mako Youth Series Catcher’s Mitt is a quality and affordable catcher’s mitt. However, the downside of the glove is seen in the 31-inch pattern being too small for some players. Additionally, one may be faced with durability problems due to softer synthetic and leather materials.


When it comes to baseball, a good catcher’s mitt in combination with a catcher’s gear set, is essential, considering that it will last a long time, enabling your child to grow and mature into the position with a bit of care. Also, a high-quality leather mitt with a closed deep pocket pattern, heavily padded palm, and a stiff back are essential in having an easy, fun and safe game. It is also crucial to purchase the best catchers mitt from a reputable brand as they ensure the quality of the mitts are adhered to. The Easton Mako Youth Series Catcher’s Mitt, Marucci Geaux Mesh Series Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt, Akadema AGC98  32-Inch Prodigy Series Glove, Louisville Slugger Omaha 32-Inch Catcher’s Mitt and Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Mitt are among the best catcher mitt available in the market, which are better than average.

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