What is the Best Football Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Ultimate List of The Best Football Helmet 2021 and Buyer’s Guide

American football is one of the most loved sports in the world. However, there is a piece of equipment, which is mostly taken for granted despite its importance to the game. Football fans and some players often do think this equipment is just a mere accessory that helps make football players look reliable and hard-core action packed while they play on the field. What most individuals don’t know is just how essential and vital American football helmets are when it comes to playing this game. Therefore, someone might ask what is the best football helmet? Well, the best helmet prevents the player’s head/skull from any injury during the game.

Our Top Pick Football Hemet : Schutt Adult ION 4D Football Helmet

Out of all the helmets we recommend on this page, Schutt Adult ION 4D Football Helmet has come up to our top pick. The comfort factor, style and the durability. It’s a truly 5-star football helmet

*Note – This helmet does not have faceguard.

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What to Expect When Buying a Football Helmet

Without a good helmet, a player cannot and will not be permitted to play on the field. You should know that this sport is a highly contact sport that no one can predict except the players themselves. Therefore, it is only American football players who can predict the outcome of the game while most of them are usually just a second away from scrambling to make a perfect touchdown. The best helmets are like a real deal when it comes to this game. Given all the tackles that must be dodged and faced, every player’s safety relies on the helmet worn to protect his or her heads.

The best helmet should have NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) certification. Although it is not a must, the seal confirms and assures that the helmet met the minimum safety standards for athletic wear. When one is out buying a helmet, the brand name determines a lot about the product. A firm that produces a little bit of everything is not a good company to buy the best safe and comfortable helmet. A firm that produces motorcycle gloves, hockey pucks, and golf clubs may not be the best firms to purchase the best

helmet. There are several football helmet manufacturing companies to choose from including Riddell, Schutt, and Adams just to mention but a few. You need to examine the helmet’s features, though a reputable brand is one of the best place to start.

Best Helmet over $200

Helmet from this range offers maximum head protection to player’s head. You should expect comfort, style, and smooth helmet. At this range, you are likely to get a helmet that has all the features required in an American football helmet. You will get high-quality football helmet, with outstanding materials and construction that will help you lower any kind of risk involved in the field. As you will notice, football helmets from this price range are mostly complex and they mostly look different from other football helmets.


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A Quick Overview of Helmets Over $200

ImageName of HelmetOur Rating
Schutt Adult ION 4D Football Helmet, Black, large10 out of 10
Schutt Sports Adult Vengeance DCT Football Helmet (Faceguard not Included)9.5 out of 10
Riddell Revolution SPEED Classic Football Helmet (Color: MATTE BLACK)9.8 out of 10
Xenith Epic Adult Football Helmet, Black w/Attached Black Prime Face Mask, Large9.5 out of 10

Schutt Youth ION 4D Football Helmet Without Faceguard

Tech specs

  • Big offset Lexan engineered polycarbonate shell.
  • Polycarbonate shell offers great combination of high protection and low weight properties
  • AiR-LOC dual lock inflation valves. It is for both lateral and crown air liners, which uses Velcro system to ensure both valves are in place.
  • Removable Moisture Management forehead pad. It wicks sweat further away from the plyer’s forehead for clearer vision and more game that is comfortable.
  • Quarter Turn Release System, ensure the helmet is faster and less complicated to change facemask.
  • Multi-functional ear hole.
  • 6 big crown ventilation holes
  • Multiple-option chinstrap integration


Let me start by introducing a football helmet that will totally change how you feel and look at any helmet out there. ION 4D is brought to you by Schutt Sports, and more than 60 elite professional and college teams including Penn State University, Auburn University and New York Giants have already adopted it.

This helmet comes with a faceguard, which is part of the helmet and not a separate piece. The “Energy Wedges” for absorb shocks makes the faceguard of ION 4D more stronger than  competitive helmet faceguards. Also, the faceguard gives the player much more vision on the field than any normal helmet.

Schutt Sports has introduce SKYDEX2 a new technology that is most innovative cushioning system for present helmets, outperforming old-fashioned foam in every aspect of helmet performance. American football player should never worry about mildew and mold creeping up near their forehead, since SKYDEX2 ™ is not easily affected by environmental temperature.

The helmet is designed with high technological skills, which offer better fit, better protection and no weird crawling germs on your head. The six large ventilation holes allows your head to breathe with ease. This helmet was recently launched and has already gain some positive feedbacks from players who have used it.

  • Removable Moisture Management forehead pad wicks sweat away from the forehead for a more comfortable game and clearer vision
  • Multi-functional ear hole design
  • Facemask NOT included
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Schutt Sports Adult Vengeance DCT Football Helmet (Faceguard not Included)

Tech Specs

  • Designed with patented twist release system,
  • It comes with varsity soft cup chinstrap
  • 7/8-inch AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads.
  • The DCT features fourth‑generation TPU Cushioning


This helmet is built and design with a fiery passion, which matches current’s football player, the Vengeance DCT football helmet stalks the gridiron with unmatched performance and uncompromising impact protection. When an American football player go to the field to the field he or she should wear Vengeance.

The dynamic faceguard line is overloaded with technology. It is designed with high Powered Shell, which increases impact and strength of absorption at the back of the helmet. Scutt Sports designed this helmet with SUREFIT AiR liner that features TPU outer skin with increased coverage, which create long lasting durability and make it the most comfortable football helmet in this list. One layer of dual compression TPU has been designed to absorbs both low and high velocity impacts which occur every time an American football player plays on the field.

Vengeance DCT Football Helmet comes with original twist release structure, varsity soft cup chinstrap as well as 7/8-inch AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads. The bold lines in the Vengeance make a loud statement. It has been worn by different several star players from various elite teams and universities both in and outside United States of America.

  • High powered shell with a dynamic faceguard line, which is really comfortable
  • Patented twist release system.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
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Riddell Revolution SPEED Classic Football Helmet (Color: MATTE BLACK)

Tech specs

  • It is large size, the hat size is 7 to 7 1/2)
  • Inflatable back/neck/side liner and crown liner
  • Includes mid/high hook-up soft cup chinstrap


The Riddell Revolution Speed classic Football Helmet lives up to its name, it gives the player lightweight quickness, protection and comfort he/she needs to edge out his competition! It is specifically configured and designed for adult, college, pro and varsity American football players; this helmet is technologically built tough and is performance ready.

Its aggressive and superior balance Revo speed shell ensures that the player is light on their feet for quick aerodynamic movements. Therefore, the player will always stay ahead of the line. when it comes to protection, there is no helmet which is safer than Riddell Revolution SPEED Classic Football Helmet. The exclusive, durable polycarbonate shell covers player’s head in strong, impact absorbing, and lightweight material, thereby protecting the player and keeping his head on a swivel, hence he can simply rise above his competition.

With focus on managing and eliminating impact energy to either side of the face and head, this helmet has incorporated new inflatable S-Pad jaw pads, which works by diffusing the force an impact as well as protecting these areas. To increase performance and comfort, a moisture wicking over liner and inflatable jaw pads deliver unbelievable fit. These properties make player’s head to be warm and cozy, even when the player is diving over the line for his first down. Do not mess around whilst it comes to shielding your head and improving your game. So, invest keenly and wisely in a good football helmet, and safeguard what is most critical when you hit the field!

  • Inflatable neck and side liner and crown liner, which makes wearing and removing of this helmet easier.
  • Comes with high and mid hook-up soft cup chinstrap
  • It is not easily found in the market.
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Xenith EPIC Adult Football Helmet (Black, Large)

Tech specs

  • Lined with Aware Flow, which are shock absorbers
  • Absorbers have improved the multi-stage system protection from low and high impacts
  • Liner easily fits to different head shapes when the integrated chinstrap is squeezed
  • Ventilation holes permits heat building up in a player to escape
  • Includes Xenith chin cup and attached Prime facemask


The long wait is finally over and the Xenith Epic Adult Helmet has just arrived. With an groundbreaking padding and aggressive styling systems all are own, this helmet is sure to become the best and the most popular football helmets in the market and the field. The helmet has been packed with newest Xenith’s padding system, which uses shock absorbers known as Aware Flow; it’s a system that helps with absorption of impact on low and high impact hits.

It is designed for professional players and with superior construction although it can be used by all skill levels. The latest shock absorbers used are incorporated with multi compression design, which keeps the player comfortable and deflects impacts. The shell of Xenith Epic not only does it look cool to a player but it also keeps him cool. This helmet is made in a such a way that air can flow easily from front to back.

The molded foam occipital lock ensures players keep their helmets securely tight and is comfortable extremely. If you are an elite player or you are practicing to be one, this is the right helmet for you. The custom facemasks: Prime, Prowl, and Pursuit is added at little/no additional cost. So, look cool, stay protected, and win the game by wearing the Xenith EPIC helmet.

  • Absorbers of this helmet have system for multi-stage protection from high and low impacts
  • It comes with liner that fits to all shapes of head when integrated chinstrap is tightened.
  • Not yet found.
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Best Helmets $100-199

Below is an overview of the Helmets between $100-$199

ImageName of HelmetEditors Rating
Schutt Air XP Pro VTD Adult Football Helmet (FACEMASK NOT INCLUDED)9 out of 10
Schutt Sports Adult Air XP Purpleo Football Helmet (Faceguard not Included)9 out of 10
Schutt Sports Air Standard III Football Helmet with Ropo SW YF Attached Guard9.2 out of 10
Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity Football Helmet, Kelly Green, Small8.7 out of 10

At this range, you will expect to find a stylish, comfortable and fitting helmet. However, it might lack some properties as opposed to the first range. The state of the art designs of the helmets at this range are really unique and they stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There are a lot of benefits that come from this helmets. One thing you can rest assured about this category is that this helmets are made of high quality materials and are often made from extremely lightweight material. The last thing an American football player requires is a heavy helmet, which will slow him down. Most of the helmets in this range being light enables the player to move at high speed without feeling like he is having an extra weight on his neck or head.

If your budget permits this price range and don’t have time reading this guide, we recommend this football helmet.

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Schutt Air XP Pro VTD Adult Football Helmet (FACEMASK NOT INCLUDED)

Tech specs

  • VTD TPU is well designed with features that absorb impacts both at have been designed to easily absorb impacts both at low and high velocity
  • TPU enhanced with SUREFIT airliner, which delivers”pillow-like” soft feel
  • Soft cup chinstrap
  • Interlink jaw pads present are stable in the helmet compared to Air Maxx TPU.
  • Twist Release System is used for easy/simple facemask attachment
  • Valve attachment present in this helmet hold the inflation sections securely in place
  • TPU is mechanically attached.
  • Sizes S-L are well compatible with Super Pro-facemasks from Schutts, Sizes XL and XXL need Super Pro-XL facemask


Schutt Air XP Pro VTD has earned a 5 STAR Rating by Virginia Tech University. The full meaning of AiR XP Pro VTD (stands for Variable Thickness Durometers); after it was introduced into the market, it jumped to the top of the rankings. If you are a person who prefer high-level performance or “stars” then this is the right model for you.

The VTD property features a mixture of the newest generation of the patented Cushioning of TPU System: Single and Dual Layer TPU. Single Layer TPU delivers better impact absorption while reducing overall weight; while the Dual Layer TPU, which is featured in the helmet’s front. Not only does it hold the TPU system firmly in its place, but it also lets the user to put thicker Cushions of TPU in the helmet.

The re-designed SUREFIT Air-Liner presents TPU system with improved surface coverage, which that makes it very comfortable to wear and making the helmet “pillow-like” softness feel. Beneath the skin, additional comfort foam creates a dynamic fit and durability which long lasting. Comfortable EVA pad that cushions the nose bumper Facemask sold separately Small and Medium helmets require regular.

AiR XP Facemask (ex. Schutt EGOP) Large and Extra Large helmets require XL Facemask or Vengeance Facemask (ex. Schutt EGOP-XL or V-EGOP II).

  • It is 5 Star Rated
  • Comes in different sizes, so whether you are big or small head you can wear it.
  • Comes in one color, so you can’t choose from various colors.
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Schutt Sports Adult Air XP Purpleo Football Helmet (Faceguard not Included)

Tech specs

  • High powered shell with a dynamic faceguard line
  • Patented twist release system
  • Faceguard not included


High Powered Shell of Schutt Sports Adult Air XP Purpleo Football Helmet is design in such a way that it improves strength and absorption of impact at the helmet’s back. This helmet comes with exclusive twist release system, the variety soft strap cup-chin and jaw pads 7/8-inch AiR Maxx TPU.

The SUREFIT AiR liner in Air XP Purpleo Football Helmet features a TPU outer skin with improved coverage that make is contented and creates long lasting durability. As a matter of fact, the one layer double compression TPU takes in both low and high velocity shocks or impacts that happen on nearly all the football games. It is comfortable and lightweight for today’s speed athlete.


  • It comes in a TPU cushioning, which is mechanically attached.
  • Surefit Air liner present in this helmet is soft and durable
  • Not yet found.
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Schutt Sports Air Standard III Football Helmet with Ropo SW YF Attached Guard

Tech specs

  • Comfort Liner Features improved surface coverage as well as extra comfort foam inside the liner. This are some of the properties that add durability and a soft, “pillow-like” feeling to this helmet
  • Vinyl covered jaw pads
  • DNA Jaw Pads Comfortable,
  • Traditional Standoff Shell
  • AiR Standard III is an old fashion standoff helmet, which most players and coaches prefer.


The liner system and foam padding Air Standard III Football Helmet provide a performance that boost and makes it easier to fit into various age group of players especially the young. The Non-inflatable comfort liner present maximizes surface coverage.

This helmet come in various sizes, therefore it does not matter which size is the player’s head. With focus on managing and eliminating impact energy to either side of the player’s head or face, this helmet has been made with Vinyl covered jaw pads and DNA Jaw Pads Comfortable, which works by diffusing the force an impact as well as protecting these areas.

To increase performance and comfort, a moisture wicking over liner and inflatable jaw pads deliver unbelievable fit. These properties make player’s head to be warm and cozy, even when the player is diving over the line for his first down.

  • It has been designed with comfort liner features improved surface coverage with extra comfort foam inside the liner.
  • Someone might struggle getting it on and off because of the inside padding.
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Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity Football Helmet, Kelly Green, Small

Tech specs

  • Mechanically Attached TPU Cushioning System
  • SUREFIT Ventilated AiR Liner
  • Large Standoff Shell
  • Please use Schutt DNA faceguards such as the DNA-ROPO, DNA -ROPO-DW, DNA-EGOP-II or the DNA-RJOP-DW


This helmet was first introduced in 2003, and it is superior to the old foam padding thereby providing improved impact absorption, improved hygiene, and better heat management It is highly resistant to bacteria, mildew, mold and fungus, while providing an obstacle against staph and MRSA concerns.

In game-like conditions, Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity outperforms all the other football helmets on the field. TPU Cushioning used cannot easily take a compression set, it is not easy to break down (even after several impacts) and prevents the player from infections and diseases. It comes with exclusive SUREFIT Air Liner system, which provides an ideal fit and comfort. The AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads present combines its protection with superior air circulation. It is an ideal helmet for elite, college and high schools players.

Valve Attachment System that has been engineered in this helmet locks the inflation valves into their place. This feature ensures that the player does not struggle anymore trying to keep the valve aligned to the helmet shell.

You can also realize that the faceguard of this helmet is locked into place but, though if need be, an easy quarter turn releases the faceguard. Easy and swift access in an injury situation. Also, the Iconic, dart-shaped large ventilation holes in the crown maximize air flow.

  • It comes in various colors to choose from
  • TPU cushioning system can be mechanically attached.
  • This helmet is a little bit heavy and clunky.
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Best Helmets below $100

At this range, you will likely find uncomfortable or unfitting helmets. At this price range you can find a good helmet but without some features. This might force you to buy other things like facemask and other stuffs. You might find a helmet that will not provide the same securities and safeties that you require.

Schutt Sports Adult Air XP Football Helmet (Faceguard not Included)

Tech specs

  • Surefit Air liner, which is durable and soft.
  • TPU cushioning that is mechanically attached
  • Faceguard not included
  • NOCSAE Approved


Schutt Sports has come up with a helmet, which is of modern technology in a traditional, classic shell. Air XP Football Helmet offers superior dynamic fit and impact absorption. It is comfortable and lightweight for today’s speed athlete. In fact, it is right to conclude that Air XP helmet has evolve from previous Schutt Sports with modern demands and contains latest generation of SUREFIT Air Liner, TPU and Cushioning.

The TPU present in this helmet can be mechanically attached thereby allowing the player to use heavier TPU cushions in the helmet. Also, the Surefit air liner offers ultra-comfortable feel and gives a soft feel. The additional Eva front liner present is an added feature which cushions the nose bumper.

Underneath the skin, extra comfort foam builds a long lasting durability and a dynamic fit Facemask, which is sold separately large, medium and small.

  • Inside is soft and smooth, making it comfortable to wear.
  • The helmet is strong and lasts longer
  • This helmet is not new by the date standards
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Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet without Faceguard

Tech specs

  • The VTD II features a combination of the latest generation of exclusive TPU Cushiobning System
  • New and improved impact absorption
  • Dual and Single Layer TPU
  • Facemask sold separately


Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet is the latest generation from the company (Schutt Sports). If you are wondering what VTD means, well, it stands for Variable Durometer and Thickness.

The Cushioning of TPU comprises durometers, which are designed specifically to suck up both low-velocity and high-velocity impacts. To make this helmet to stand out is the improved and new impact absorption as well as functioning over the previous Vengeance VTD.

This helmet from Schutt Sports features a number of the up-to-date generation of the company exclusive Cushioning of TPU System: dual and single layer TPU. One layer TPU offers better improved impact absorption as well as reducing the overall weight. The two layers of TPU have been incorporated into the front of the helmet where it has been mechanically connecting the system of TPU holding it firmly in place. Though it also allows the manufacturer to put TPU Cushions which are thicker in their helmets. Additionally, the two-faceguard retainer eliminate the upper loop straps, hence making it faster and easier to remove or attach the faceguard. But remember the facemask is sold separately. Except from V-EGOP Facemask, VTD II Football Helmet need any other Vengeance Facemask.

  • It comes with a combination of the latest generation of exclusive TPU Cushioning System making it one of the best helmet in the market.
  • It is not very comfortable.
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Protect yourself from any harm when you are playing American Football by choosing the right football helmet. Indeed, you must always prioritize your safety, especially when playing this game. Go for a helmet, which has all the properties required in helmet. This will ensure that your head is protected against any injury in the field.

For people who are looking to buy the latest helmets, all of the above football helmets provide unique qualities. Just like above helmets, all American football helmets must meet NOCSAE guidelines. Helmet’s price is another consideration when you are making your purchase. Different price range offer varying qualities therefore go for the product that meets your specifications and qualities.

A recent study done in Boston University show that out of ninety-four deceased former players of NFL ninety had brain disease or injury. Most of these brain diseases are prevalent to individuals who suffer recurrent brain trauma, like American football player do. This kind of disease is only diagnosed after death.

Given this statistics, it is important to always making sure your head is safe from different injuries in the football field, by buying the best football helmet there is in the market. All the 13 helmets we have listed for you above benefit from patented state of the art technology, and they offer their own unique features to consider when buying for new American football helmets.


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