Best Hockey Helmet to Prevent Concussions

Best Hockey Helmet Review (UPDATE 2019)

UPDATEInjuries are common in any sport. Iconic players ensure they avoid injuries and remain in the game as long as possible.

Contact sports like hockey involve frequent injuries forcing the players to purchase the protective gears like the helmet to avoid the disaster.

Players desire to purchase the best hockey helmet to prevent concussions. The hockey helmets lack monopoly in the market providing many options for the users to choose.

The fitting of the helmet and other conditions of the product attracts the users. Manufacturers provide a variety of designs to compete for their rivals and ensure good sales at all time. Comfort when putting on the helmet is important and one should not only buy the gear to protect the skull from injuries during the play.

Our Top Pick Hockey Helmet: Bauer 5100 Helmet Combo 

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Reasons to Purchase a Hockey Helmet

It is the desire of any sportsperson to remain safe from unnecessary injuries during the game time. Like said earlier, hockey is a contact game and the players purchase the protective clothing to minimize the impact in the case of an injury. The loss of consciousness after a collision will reduce the effectiveness of the player on the pitch. The instructors ensure their players wear helmets that fit them well and comfortable to make them remain focused throughout the game time. The hockey helmet avoids the medical cost after an injury by minimizing the impact of the collision. Always ensure your best player wears the best hockey helmet for an entertaining performance.

Things to Look for When Acquiring Hockey Helmet to Prevent Concussions

The best qualities of a hockey helmet will attract the sportsperson. The preference of the best helmet vary from player to player:

Size of the Helmet

Helmets come in varying sizes depending on the skull size of different users. For good performance of the player, a properly fitting helmet will ensure they remain comfortable until the end of the game. The gear should not be too tight or loose for the individual using it. Before purchasing the equipment, ensure you test the size of the helmet on your head before giving out your money for the product.

The Price of the Hockey Helmet

Not all expensive helmet provide maximum protection to the user. Consider having an item that is worth its price tag while on the playing ground. Ensure the helmet fits the user and maintains his or her comfort through the playing time at a pocket-friendly price.


The prime purpose of the helmet is to protect the most delicate and important body part. Pro player will prefer purchasing the helmet that will protect the skull from injury and avoid concussion after a collision during the play. The helmets have special features that absorb the impact at the point of contact. This ensures the user remains safe and comfortable.

 Top 4 Best Hockey Helmet to Prevent Concussions

Warrior Krown 360 Hockey Helmet

The Warrior Krown Hockey Helmet is a highly rated helmet by the Virginia Tech that comes with a 4-play adjustment system. The helmet comes with an exceptional design that fits the user well providing maximum protection and comfort. The color varies depending on the players’ taste.

The 3-D foam helps minimizes the impact in the case of a hit during the game time. The foam absorbs the shock at the point of hit and distributing it evenly and avoiding the adverse effect to the player. The addition of the EPP foam liner will enhance the comfort of the helmet.

The HECC, CE, and the CSA have certified the Warrior Krown as one of the best hockey helmets to provide maximum security to the user. The padding inside the helmet ensures a perfect feeling to the user.

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Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CPX-R helmet is a good-looking helmet with a white shell covered by a black facemask. In addition to this, the helmet has an effective white chinstrap that ensures a proper fit to the user. Because of the strap, one size of the CPX-R can fit many users.

The CPX-R helmet has a layered, shock absorption system that effectively distributes the energy from the point of contact during the collision. A seven-technology liner compresses to disperse the energy after a hit. This makes the helmet a safer helmet to have.

Cascade CPX-R helmet has a long profile that is attractive. The long profile ensures that the user is able to tilt his or her head during the game. This ensures the user plays with passion and flexibility.

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Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet Combo

Bauer 5100 is an adjustable, comfortable and safe helmet that players use to protect them against brain injury and concussion. The cage protects the players’ face from the ball.

The Bauer 5100 has both the EPP and comfort foam pads that help in good fitting and comfort of the user. The presence of a chin cup that holds the chin ensures further comfort and fit.

The helmet has a unique oval design that is attractive and enhances vision since the user can freely tilt his or her head during the game.

All the CE, HECC, and CSA certify the helmet as safe and comfortable to use.

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CCM Resistance 300 Hockey Helmet

CCM Resistance 300 is a high-quality helmet with a pro geometry that helps in keeping the user safe by absorbing energy after a hit during the game.

The helmet has bladders between the shell and the foam liner to minimize the movement of the head during an impact. The foam liners provide the comfort to the user.

The back of the helmet is adjustable for a better fit of the player. This also ensures the comfort of the user.

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Ensure you remain safe while enjoying hockey as a sport. Protect the most delicate and useful part of the body from injury. Hockey helmets among other protective equipment are important to all players. The best hockey helmet to prevent concussions is available at a pocket-friendly price.

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