Best Hockey Shin Guards Review 2021

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Safety in any game depends on the type and quality of the protective gears worn. It is the pride of any ice hockey player to remain safe while on the pitch. Protective equipment is required to protect the shin, calf, and knee of the player from harm. The best hockey shin guards are light in weight and provide maximum protection to the player in case of a hit by an opponent or painful fall during the play. Before purchasing a shin guard, it is important to consider the role of the player on the pitch as well as other factors. Before purchasing any shin pad, review them to ensure they include all the basic features of a shin guard.

Our Top Pick Shin Guards : Mylec Shin Guard

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Out of all the bats we recommend on this page, Mylec shin guard has come up to our top pick. The design, the adaptiveness and the safety measures is great. It’s a truly 5-star shin guard.

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Features of the Best Hockey Shin Guards

Manufacturers come up with different designs to attract many clients and beat their competitors for the market. Nonetheless, a simple and standard shin pad must have the following features in order to serve their intended purpose:

Removable Padding

A Velcro maintains the shin padding in position while on the field. The shin pads are removable to allow the user to clean them with ease.

Calf Protection

A good shin guard must be able to protect the whole limb. The pad extends to the back of the leg for full coverage and maximum protection.


The presence of straps ensures a secure and comfortable fit to the player. The straps must be elastic and maintain their elasticity for a longer duration. This provides additional comfort.


The kneecap has a shock-absorbing property that makes it an important feature that any shin guard must have. The caps will deflect the impact from the point of contact to keep the player safe from injury.

Criteria for Buying a Quality and Sustainable Shin Guard

Shin pads come in varying design and quality. The purchasers consider a number of factors before acquiring one:

The Role Played by User

Unlike the shin guard worn by the defenseman, that of the forward should be lightweight. Considering the position of the player is vital in buying a leg protector. The pressure and knocks that a defenseman receives a call for a pad that is thick and wide.

Sizing of the pad

A good shin guard must fit the user properly and makes them comfortable throughout the activity. Very tight or loose shin guard can be fateful to the user. Have the correct measurement of the player’s leg before visiting any dealer to have the best fit for the game.

Get the Best Hockey Shin Guards for Maximum Safety

Tour Hockey EVO 6000 Shin Guards

The EVO 6000 shin guard is a product from Tour Hockey that provides much comfort and protection to the player. The features of this pad make it convenient for the user.

A Power-Ridge Package that absorbs energy at the point of contact characterizes the guard. This distributes the energy from the point of contact minimizing the impact of the hit or fall.

The EVO 6000 also has a contour shield pro design that attracts clients and makes them presentable while in the field. This increases the confidence of the user for maximum participation in the game.

The guard has an extra wide slash guard making them convenient for a defense person. These shin pads are adjustable to ensure they properly fit the user. This property makes the player comfortable when wearing the pad.

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Mylec Street/Dek Shin Pads

best hockey shin guards

The Mylec Street is a synthetic, multisport shin pad that is lightweight. The pad is durable and convenient for the user when in the field.

The pro design of the pad ensures a wraparound protection. This protects the muscles at the back of the leg from injuries.

This shin guard has a 3/8 thick foam for reliable protection against harm by deflecting the impact at the point of hit. A double foam cushion further enhances safety and provides relevant comfort to the user.

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Cutters Ultra Flex-Cap Shin Guard, Medium/Large, Left, Black

This shin pad provides the desired comfort and safety to the user when putting on. The pad comes with a pro design that further makes it reliable for its protection purpose.

The low profile design of this guard ensures they flex automatically towards the shin to allow flexibility during the batting act.

The straps of this equipment are quick to fit for easy wearing on and off the pad. This has made it attractive for pro hockey players.

The presence of a hard-cap that is flexible and adaptive ensures the player is safe from the impacts of a fall or hit. A removable foot cap further enhances his/her safety.

This pad comes in left and right making them convenient for both the right and left-hand batters

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Puma Evospeed 1.2 Slip Shin Guards

Evospeed Shin Guards is one of the Puma’s products. This pad ensures comfort and protection of a hockey player due to its flexibility.

The Eva foam covers the calf to avoid any injuries. The foam absorbs the shock at the point of contact.

Wearing this shin guard ensures the player comfortability while playing. It’s adaptive nature gives its wearer full control.

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Hockey players are prone to injuries while on the playground. Shins are one of the worst body parts when hit. To avoid this, it is important you go for the best hockey shin guards and other protective gear such as mouth guards for extra protection.


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