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Best Pitching Machine 2021 Review: A Buyers Guide

UPDATE – Are your shoulders aching due to throwing balls in a batting practice? Well, you can save yourself that agony by simply purchasing the best pitching machine. They are convenient to use and are available at the most affordable prices for everyone. Today, the market is full of many differently styled pitching machines, leaving the users in a dilemma on what machine they should actually go for. A lot of considerations are therefore required to ensure that you buy a machine that suits your specifications.

Our Top Pick Pitching Machine: Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine
Out of all the pitching machines we recommend on this page, Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine has come up to our top pick. The simplicity, ease of use, and features are what people looks for the pitching machine machine. It’s a truly 5-star machine.

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Depending on what you are looking for, you will come across a variety of pitching machines such as the; baseball, softball, adult machines, youth machines, and the one combining both the baseball and the soft ball. The most common best pitching machines are the circular wheeled; also known as the one and two wheel projector machines. There is the armed action machines also known as the high powered electric catapult launcher, the air compressed shooter, and the slit shot launcher or the unplugged catapult.

Facts About Pitching Machines

Best Pitching MachineBest Pitching Machine

Pitching machines will equip you in becoming a better hitter. They help in building up the needed strength of the upper body in order to enhance the batting and striking skills. Best pitching machines will improve your co-ordination of the eye and the hand simultaneously. This will tune the players batting techniques. The machines operate in different speeds and styles. For the consistent users, the pitching machine will help them in practicing, improving their confidence in hitting and thereafter in making their battering skills more perfect.

Some pitching machines will require the user to feed the ball manually, while others the ball is inserted automatically. Are you worried of being hit by the ball in your first days of using the machine? You need not to since, most of machines are so safe and friendly to use. Moreover, most of the machines though in the most affordable price are of high quality; with little to zero errors while using.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Pitching Machine

It is hectic to go researching for the right information you need in choosing the best pitching machine.  Well, you do not require any further research since by reading the information below you can be sure to choose that machine you have always dreamt about. This gives you a chance to internalize various factors on all sorts of styles and different designs of the pitching machines. Among the factors are discussed below.


Age becomes a great factor when it comes to such consideration as the speed of the machine. Those players aged 12 years and below need low speed machine. They do not need curved balls knuckle ball capabilities and the sliders being offered by most of the robust machines. A tossing machine therefore the most ideal and perfect for the young child. A tossing machine is adjustable. What it does is that it releases the ball slowly and at regular intervals. Hence it is a guarantee that when using it your kid is not exposed to hits or other health related problems. Besides, the speed of the machine can be adjusted to as low as 8MPH. it is advisable to keep increasing its speed in case the child is getting better on striking.

Skill Level of the Player

You need to know that a beginner; someone less skilled or not skilled at all should be grouped as a kid when deciding for the right machine for them. They would therefore benefit better by using light weight pitching machines. Soft balls are the most appropriate for their use since they are bundled with instant backstops for protection from hits. They are therefore assured of maximum protection from any risks that may result from inability to handle the speed of the ball.

Type of the Pitching Machine

Different pitching machines are designed differently. You are therefore required to analyze your needs and expectation in order to go for that machine that will fit your specifications. Pitched machines come in two different designs. I.e. those that are compressed and those that are wheel operated. The wheel operated pitching machine can either be single wheeled or double wheeled depending on what you want.

Are you a starter or a professional user of the pitching machine? For the professionals, the dual wheeled will serve them the best due to the following; they are more accurate, more fast, have maximum ability to control the ball and can throw pitches of different types without straining. The young kids and the less experienced players can more suitably use the single wheeled pitched machine. Their operation speed can be easily regulated.  For the safety of your kids, the compressed air pitching machine is the best. This is because its external parts are less mobile.

Portability of the Machine and Power Source

best pitching machine reviewbest pitching machine review

There are both electric and manual pitching machines. Well, the electric machines are more digitalized and automatic.  Speed control and control of the ball are automatic. The manual pitching machine limits the user when it comes to adjusting of the speed and controlling the height of the pitch. Well, for those in need of a portable machine, the manual one could be more suitable. This is because they are light and do not need one to carry a power back up such as the batteries and the generator. The electric pitching machines limit portability as they require a power source.

The Type of the Ball and Its Speed

Different balls are fit for particular pitching machines. Moreover, different machines will throw balls at varying speed. You need to know that most of the pitching machines throw best the practice balls such as the baseball and the softballs and not the real ones. Well, some machines are adjustable. I.e. they can be used for both the practicing balls and the real ones.  This will help the player use what they are already used to during matches.  However, for the durability of the machines, the practicing balls are more preferable hence a machine using them is the best choice.

Machines have different abilities to throw balls. Therefore, there are various machines throwing balls at various speeds.  This caters for all the players; professional, beginners, the aged and the young.  Pitching machines for the top players can through balls to a speed of up to 100mph.

The best pitching machine for the youth and the kids should throw balls at 65 mph speed and below.  It is important to therefore to consider the playing ability, age and professionalism of the player while choosing a pitching machine. This will help you to realize its speed and the best ball to use.

Things You Should Be Aware of Before Purchasing a Pitching Machine

There are certain features of a pitching machine that you should pay attention to before you pull your credit card out.


You want a pitching machine that will last you a long time. Especially if you invest a considerable amount of money in it. You can find out how long such a product will last by checking the warranty. The longer the warranty, the more chances you have to enjoy your pitching machine for many years.

Other Sports Use

If you want a pitching machine that will work for both baseball and softball. Some of them will be great to use for both of these sports. But there are also models that will work for only one sport or another. Check the description of the product carefully to find out if your future pitching machine can be used for one or both baseball and softball.

Best Pitching Machine You Have Been Looking For

Louisville Slugger Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine

When it comes to simplicity Louisville Slugger Triple Flame is great.  It weighs about 23 pounds only; additionally, this pitching machine does not need any extra pack of a heavy battery or generator as the power source. By use of a simple spring drive arm, it is able to achieve 18-45 mph speed, unlike other machines that rely on compressed air and moving wheels. The machine requires no power to operate; therefore it is in a position of pitching any softball and the baseball.

The designing of the base of the Louisville pitching machine is in such a way that it enables it to be stable, hence it’s consistent and steady during operation. For accuracy and easy operation the machine has an adjustable knob used in adjusting the height of the pitch. This is very important in instructing the beginners and the young learners to learn how to hit on different parts of the striking zone.

  • It is the best pitching machine for all ages since it can throw any type of the all; hard balls, soft balls, baseballs, fast pitch balls among others.
  • It is the simplest pitching machine to operate hence it’s easy to set it up for use.
  • It is portable due to its light weight.
  • For the grounders, fly balls and the strikes, it is the most accurate pitching machine to use.
  • It operates manually hence one does not need to carry extra batteries or any kind of a power source.
  • It has the most adjustable speed controls hence it can throw 45mph speed for the hard balls and a 60 mph speed throw for the plastic balls.
  • It is the best in teaching players swing mechanics since it can throw a level pitch.
  • Adjusting the height and speed may be challenging for the first time users.
  • Unfortunately, it is cannot throw curved balls and the sliders.
  • Due to regular balls speed (18-45 mph), it is only suitable to be used by the young and the beginners.
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JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball

When it comes to pitching machines, JUGS M6000 LITE-FLITE is very popular. It is basically designed for the soft balls and the base balls. This kind of a machine is described of its white and light blue colored wheels.  Among other features, the most important of it all are its instructional abilities. Therefore, they are much preferred by the younger players; since they are able to gain confidence and get over the expected hits by the ball while learning.

Jugs M6000 Lite-Flite is designed by both the younger and the adult players. This is due to its throwing speed of 15- 85 mph. with its marveling abilities; this machine can throw a variety of balls such as the Lite-Flite balls, soft balls and the Bulldog baseballs among other balls that are manufactured for use on this device.  You need to note that the machine as a quick change feature to enable it change from one kind of a ball to another within a few seconds like shifting from baseball to soft ball and vice versa.

Moreover, the flexibility of this machine is enabled by its unique features such as the swivel design. This feature provides a 360-degree movement for all kinds of balls. I.e. for both the fly balls , ground balls as well as the pop ups. Jugs M6000 Lite-Flite pitching machine uses electricity source of power with a 110- volt AC. For portability one can use a battery pack which is changeable.

  • It can throw different types of pitch due to its versatile feature.
  • It support a 360 turn; full movement range for all levels
  • Has a power motor with an ability of up to 85 mph throw speed
  • It is steady and consistent, hence durable
  • Setting it up can take a few minutes since its easy.
  • It is easy to transport after buying since it comes with a carrying bag convenient to carry.
  • While using the machine, you can throw curveballs and sliders that are both left and right handed.
  • Its numerous settings will require experience in order get used to handling them.
  • Calibrations are required for different pitch that one wants.
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First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

The First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine has adjustable legs. This adjustment helps in switching from softball to baseball. The legs are steeled with capped fit for use on any surface without getting damaged. Well, when looking for that machine that can throw various balls then you should go for this. It can throw the grounders, fast balls, the changeups, pop ups and the fly balls.

For the baseballs, the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine can throw it at a 70 mph maximum speed and 60 mph maximum speed for the softballs. Unlike other pitching machine, this machine can be run on regular AC power that is used at home using a quarter motor horsepower. For optimal practicing in the field the machine is designed in such a way that it has 360 – degree adjustment to ensure that the entire field is covered. All you need to know is that the machine can be used mostly with baseballs and the softballs. Hence, one may not need to purchase any special Balls for the practice.

  • Covering the entire field is possible by adjusting the different pitch angles.
  • Speed can be changed quickly, since the machine operates at 0-70 mph.
  • To prove the longevity and accuracy pitch of the ball is possible since the machine has a skin plate.
  • The reversible legs make it possible to shift from use of baseball to softball as it can work well with any.
  • It is safe to use the machine in presence of children since the electric motor is enclosed in a steel case.
  • Its body is steel welded hence increasing the durability of the machine.
  • Its features are less flexible as compared to other pitching machines.
  • It may produce some noise if allowed to vibrate
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ATEC Power Streak Baseball / Softball Training Machine, 110-Volt

This machine is great when it comes to being used by the junior players. It comes with a speed range of 30-60 mph which is adjustable when necessary. The designing is done innovatively in such a way that it can be easily adjustable to be used with both the softballs and the baseballs. ATEC Power Streak Baseball machine has chutes and the retainers to be used even with the mini balls. The machine uses electricity to operate. A quarter horse power direct current generator can be used or 110V-AC.

Free ten mini balls are offered together with three baseballs and soft balls. These are to ensure that you can do as much practice as you wish after buying the machine. The machine is C-arm designed for easy adjustment of the heights to fit a variety of pitches.

  • It is easy and quick to adjust the machine due to its innovative and modern design
  • It is durable being made from a composite and steel material
  • Upon purchasing, it will come with enough balls that you will use for practice.
  • Its 270- degree turn gives it prompts and easy adjustments.
  • One can train in different weather since it is usable both indoors and outdoors.
  • Though heavy, it produces no noise.
  • The practice balls may unexpectedly wear out.
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Sport Games Baseball Pitching Machine for Youth

You might want to look at is this Sport Games model. It comes at a budget friendly price so you will love the fact that you don’t need to break your budget to invest in it. And the quality of this machine is also very good.

This is an electric machine so you will receive the balls automatically. You can get 12 swings in a session so you will not have to take any break. If you need to practice your batting technique or your catching technique, this machine is great for you. The pitch height is easy to adjust so it will accommodate more players. Along with this pitching machine you also receive a bat and a set of 12 balls so you can start using it right away.

  • Perfect for all types of players
  • 12 swings in a session
  • Helps you improve batting techniques
  • Helps develop better catching techniques
  • 12 balls and bat included
  • The batteries might not last too long
  • It is slower than other similar products
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HEATER SPORTS Deuce 75 MPH Two Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine 

Heater sports offers this great pitching machine with a lot of interesting features to enjoy. You should take into account that this is not a budget friendly product but it also has options that other pitching machines don’t have.

This machine has two wheels incorporated in the metal frame so it can pitch all kinds of balls fast. It will last you a long time and it is very safe to use. You can use this pitching machine for kids, teenagers and adults and it will work great. The speed can be adjusted between 15 mph and 75 mph which is more than other similar products have to offer. You can adjust the angles you pitch at as well. There is a set of 12 balls that you can pitch in one session. It will throw a ball every eight seconds so you don’t have to wait at all between pitches. The weight of this product is 75 pounds. You can bring it to every field you want and enjoy your training.

  • Adjustable speed between 15 mph and 75 mph
  • Adjustable angles
  • 12 balls in a set
  • Resistant metal frame
  • Can be used by all kinds of players
  • It might be difficult to put together
  • Not the best choice for beginner players
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Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine

Another high-quality pitching machine that you will love to use isthis one from Franklin Sports. It is an electric machine so it will accommodate all your needs in the best conditions. And to make everything better, this machine comes at a budget friendly price as well. It is the best pitching machine for all types of players.

This machine will serve you a ball every seven seconds. It is one of the best pitching machines that is meant for kids who practice their baseball skills. The height can easily be adjusted to fit the player so you can make it accommodate your kid’s needs. It has a red light that lets you know when it will pitch a ball. This helps because you will never be caught off guard. It comes with a set of six balls included in the package. This machine will not work the same with other balls so you might want to replace these ones with similar balls when needed. Your batting skills will improve every time you use this machine.

  • Set of six balls included
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable angles
  • Perfect for children
  • Budget friendly price
  • Not recommended for adult players
  • Might not work with different types of balls
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Louisville Slugger Black Flame Pitching Machine

The last pitching machine that earned a place in this top is another Louisville model that you might fall in love with. This one is made of a sturdy material so it should last you many years as long as you maintain it properly.

It has a speed of 50 mph which is perfect for all types of pitches. You can’t adjust the speed but you might not even feel the need to. This machine will work with no batteries or electricity. You can use it for different pitching and throwing styles as it is easy to adjust to different angles. A great thing about this pitching machine is that it will work great with all types of balls too. It might be difficult to put together but following the instructions will help you a lot in the process.

  • Works with all kinds of balls
  • Speed of 50 mph
  • Adjustable positions for different pitching strategies
  • Resistant material so it will last a long time
  • Simple design
  • You can’t choose between different colors
  • The speed is not adjustable
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The best pitching machine is the ultimate solution to any player yearning to improve their hitting and striking skills. It mighty has seemed impossible to find the best machine before. All thanks to the above points.  They are great points for whichever pitching machine you need. Use them effectively.

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