Best Protective Cup for Youth Baseball – UPDATED

UPDATED – Does your kid play baseball? Does he/she have the best protective cup for youth baseball? Well, do not put the life of your kid in danger by taking him to the field without this gear. Baseball cup is the most vital protective gear to your kid among other gears that you may provide to him. This cup works to ensure that their groin area is safe no matter the impulse of hitting.  You will find a variety of baseball protective cups in the market at various costs and design that will suit your taste and preferences.

Facts About Protective Cups

Protective cups is cushioned from inside. Most of them are banana shaped, which takes the shape of the male genitalia for maximum coverage thus maximizes protection. The cups come with supporters to keep them in position. The supporter has a pocket where the cup is fitted. The players’ baseball supporter should be elastic kind of a waistband. It has straps connected to the pocket of the baseball cup. What you need to do first is putting on the supporters strap. Then insert the cup, followed by your underwear or the baseball pants. This ensures that the protective cup is well supported and in position throughout the playing period.

best protective cup for youth baseball

Did you know that a baseball could travel at 90 mph delivering a force of 2400 lbs? Think of the impact this force could have on the testicles of your kid if he did not have the best protective youth baseball cup in place. The protective cups on the market today are able to reduce this force to just 110 lbs. Thereby, keeping the groin area safe as the force of the ball will have been reduced.

It is unfortunate that most people are exposing their children’s testicles to danger. Most of these kinds of parents only imagine that the support can comfortably offer protection to their son. Well, the jock strap only prevents the testicles from flopping around by holding them close to the body. Therefore, without the protection cup, the baseball will ultimately hit the man area hard causing the worst.

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Is Your Son Uncomfortable On Protective Cups?

The answer here will take any bearing depending on the choice of the buyer, the design and the size of the protection cup. On this matter, it all requires one to go for the best protective cup for youth baseball. Wrong protective cup or bad material used will surely make your son be uncomfortable when he is playing. It is, therefore, only appropriate to go for the right size and high-quality protective cup.

How To Choose The Best Cup To Buy.

Protective cups vary in size, therefore, you should select the right size for your son. The “Pee-wee” are the best for the 6 to 7 aged kids. The “youth” are designed for those at puberty age. There are the teen cups for the teens among others. Allow your kid to choose and try the cup that has a secure waistband that does not twist or roll while playing.

After countless hours of research, many cups of coffee and surveying of baseball fanatics. We have come up of our own list of protective cups. They are:

  • Nutty Buddy Hammer(Y) Cup
  • Shock Doctor Youth Bio Flex Cup
  • Louisville Slugger’s Compression Cup
  • McDavid 3020 FlexCup Protective Athletic Cup
  • Champion Sports Intermediate Protective Cup

Read on for more details:

Our Pick Of The Best Protective Cup For Youth Baseball You Can Rely On

Battle Sports Science NuttyBuddy Protective Cup and Jock Combo – Cup Jock

NuttyBuddy Protective Cup and Jock Combo - Hammer (XSmall) Cup/Youth Medium Jock (22-Inch-24-Inch)
  • Superior design means superior fit and comfort. The problem with cups on the market today is in the design
  • Superior materials means superior impact resistance
  • Superior performance backed by a 5,000 Dollar warranty
  • The Battle NB System comes in five sizes from the little guys to the heavyweights. A properly fit cup shifts less, is more comfortable and will not impede performance
  • No other cup on the market matches our promise of quality, protection and performance

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Nutty Buddy hammer cup is uniquely designed and made, unlike any other protective cup, it is made up of 100% polycarbonate. This feature offers a guarantee protection to the users since it is capable of reducing over 2000% impact force to the level acceptable to hit the groins causing zero pain.

They are available in five sizes and their shorts in eleven sizes. It is the only protective cup, anatomical in nature making it fit any kind of the body shape.

Its shorts are compressive with an interior elastic strap holding it comfortably in place.

What makes this cup very appealing to me and to people who recommended it is that it’s like you’re not wearing a cup at all. it has been anatomically designed to fit your stuff and once you get it adjusted, it will feel very comfortable. Most of the people I’ve interviewed told me that they usually can tell if they are wearing a cup,
but after switching to Nutty Buddy, they could not feel it and they can focus 100% in their game. it’s that comfortable.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Comes with different sizes.
  • Can handle the force of 90mph very well.


  • Only available in one color
  • The Nutty Buddy cup will not fit in goalie jocks sometimes.
  • Not the same way to wear like the traditional cup thus taking a minute to get used to.

Shock Doctor Youth Bio Flex Cup

Shock Doctor Men's BioFlex Cup, L
  • Leading sports protection manufacturer
  • Performance and protection in mind
  • Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide
  • Vented bio-shape body protects vital areas and promotes airflow
  • K-Resin, Thermal Plastic Urethane

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As the name suggest the cup is Bio Flex in shape. They come mostly in white color, which surely attract you when you go to buy a protective cup.  Additionally, it is well vented to allow sufficient airflow and reduce sweating. This is enhanced by breathable mesh on either side of the panel.

Not to mention that it’s very affordable and has the quality of the expensive protective cups out there.

Amazingly, the cup is easily washable as cup pocket is easily opened to remove the cup for washing.The shock doctor cup comes with a power supporter made of a comfortable waistband of elastic material. Shock doctor youth cup is efficient and effective to use.  Hence, your kid will never worry when this cup is in place since their groins will be totally protected.

Most of the people who wear this protective cup says that it fits their groin area better compared to Nutty Buddy. It’s actually a personal preference at this point because both cups clearly do their job which is to protect your stuff from heavy impact.


  • Very Affordable.
  • Comes with different colors.


  • It will sometimes shifts whenever setting in a position.

Louisville Slugger’s Compression Cup

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Louisville slugger’s compression cup makes to this list due to its great quality features. It is an 8-inch inseam pocket cup with a double layer mesh. This protective cup provides the users with a comfortable, cool and a dry feel. Among its greatest features is the X-Dry system for management of moisture.

They come in both black and white color. It has a Louisville Slugger waistband, which is elastic to allow muscle support and a 4-way stretching.

Regardless of your child’s age, this brand can be found in different sizes, hence you can choose the right size that will comfortably fit your child.


  • Stays in the same place


  • Feels tight if bought the wrong size

McDavid 3020 FlexCup Protective Athletic Cup

McDavid 3020 Adult Flexcup Protective Athletic Cup
  • Light 2.5 ounces of pure innovation for the finest protection in the business
  • Soft, impact-absorbing edges and sides conform, cushion and comfort
  • Five (Count'em 5!) airflow ports to keep you thoroughly cool
  • Deep contoured shape for enhanced protection and fit

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The features of this cup are highly designed to ensure that your son’s groins are not tampered with or damaged during a baseball game. On wearing it, your son will never feel like he is carrying some rocks under his pants. It is light and flexible.

The McDavid cup has been worn by different professional baseball players and they all have positive things to say about it; this is because of its efficiency in allowing adequate ventilation. Moreover, this protective cup allows easy lateral movement.

It is designed well preventing the accumulation of sweat in your son’s groin area. This also prevents any kind of injury to your son’s muscles as it enhances compression. The cup is engineered with a microfiber.


  • The design looks pretty neat
  • Comfortable for the wearer


  • Slightly expensive

Champion Sports Intermediate Protective Cup

Champion Sports Intermediate Protective Cup
  • Intermediate Protective Cup
  • Features a contoured design with cushioned edges for combined comfort
  • Youth sizing

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Champion sports intermediate protective cup has continuously been padded along its edges making it more comfortable. It is great for the beginners and offers a great fitting to the youth. Your son will easily adjust to it within a short period.


  • Cheap


  • Design does not look very promising


Your kid is your future generation and you could destroy it once by forgetting to protect their testicles. There are no exceptions for not providing the best protective cup for youth baseball player(s)  no matter his playing position  when batting. May it be the outfield, pitcher or the infield; a protective cup is a mandatory gear as well as the best youth baseball helmets  when batting. Well, most coaches will emphasize the cup for the catchers only. All you need to know when your son is on the pitch is that anything can happen. You will have no one to blame. So, wait no more and protect your child’s testicles with the a protective cup

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