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UPDATED – Parents, guardians, relatives and friends are tirelessly looking for the best youth baseball gloves. Well, finding them is not an easy task due to some reasons. First, the market is full of many models and brands that come up with different sizes and shapes. By now you should have known that the market is full of fake products hence you should make sure you have gone for the real thing. A baseball glove is a very vital equipment for playing baseball besides other equipment hence a determined youth player should make a good decision before purchasing them.

A Quick Tip Before Buying Baseball Gloves For Your Kids

The first thing you want to consider before buying a new gloves is the size. Size matters especially for kids who are just starting out to play baseball. If the gloves are too big for your child, he may not perform well while playing baseball. If its too small, apparently you are just wasting your money that’s why we have included a table containing the size of our best pick of youth baseball gloves. If you are still not sure of the right size to buy, pick something which provides wrist adjustment.

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What Is Our Pick of the Best Youth Baseball Gloves?

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After doing some research, asking parents and their kids who plays baseball, we tried and tested  youth gloves we think are the best in the market,  so we came up with this list.

Read on for an in-depth review of our the best youth baseball gloves available today.

The Louisville Slugger Genesis Youth Gloves

Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis 10.5" Infield Baseball Glove, Black/Gunmetal/White - Right Hand Throw
  • 10.5 inches infield glove
  • Weave web design
  • Leather palm/web combined with Ballistic nylon shell
  • Grey, black and White
  • Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right Hand Glove

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Are you looking for the right baseball gloves for your kid? Well, I recommend the Louisville Slugger Genesis youth gloves.  They are the best perfect much to the young baseball players especially the beginners. Its great features will help you realize what you have been missing to make your kid a baseball superstar.

These gloves are made of lightweight and ultra-soft material; buffalo leather. This   makes them the best for your youngest child. There designing enhances perfect fitness to the small hands of the youths. The ability to close and open easily is the greatest secret for the baseball and that all you get from these gloves.

With the Louisville Slugger Genesis gloves, your child will not struggle to open or close your palm for a catch or release of the ball. The buffalo leather palm and the lightweight back with a mesh enhances this. Moreover, the wrist has a smaller opening to prevent the glove from being loose or falling while on use. In addition, it has a Vecro brand for fastening and strengthening as well as to allow for adjustments. Besides the back has a nylon mesh that is of low weight for comfort. A checkmate-webbing strap at the back is made of leather from a steer hide to improve on durability and strength.


  • The price for the gloves is affordable
  • They are made of a soft leather hence comfortable
  • They allow a break in easily.


  • Non so far.

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 11.5-Inch, Right Hand Throw
  • Patented PowerClose makes catching easy
  • Power lock closure for maximum fit and performance
  • Helps youth players learn to catch the right way, in the pocket
  • Full Grain Pigskin Leather: For great durability.

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The second best youth baseball glove that I would recommend you to buy is the Mizuno prospect youth ball glove. This gloves have hinges that make the catching easier and faster to the young beginners.

If you want your child to be a pro catcher then look no further, as this glove permits easy and tight gripping of the ball thereby ensuring that the catch is well secured. The back has a flex bridge that fastens the wrist and gives the glove a strong hold.

A great thing I discovered with the Mizuno gloves is that they give your kid full control over their hands hence they get to enjoy playing.


  • They are long lasting
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to break in


  • May lose shape if not well handled due to their soft make

Rawlings Prodigy Youth Glove

Rawlings Prodigy Series Baseball Glove, Modified Trap-Eze Web, 11.5 inch, Left Hand Throw
  • DESIGNED FOR INFIELDERS AND PITCHERS: This 11 inch Prodigy Series youth Baseball glove features a Youth Pro Taper Fit, providing the perfect solution for an athlete looking for a pro-style model that fits their growing hand size
  • IDEAL FOR THE BEGINNING YOUTH Baseball PLAYER AGES 6 TO 12: This glove features a Basket Web, and comes with a 90% factory break-in and is game-ready out of the box
  • SURE CATCH TECHNOLOGY: Allows players to quickly and easily close the Baseball glove as soon as they put it on for the first time
  • SOFT, ALL-LEATHER SHELL CONSTRUCTION AND PALM LINING: Creates a very comfortable feel and added shock reduction, making this glove a safe, reliable option for young Baseball players
  • 90% FACTORY AND 10% PLAYER BREAK-IN: Makes this glove completely ready to use, right out of the box

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This list will not be complete without the Rawlings prodigy youth glove. Given its size and materials used, makes it very possible and easy for a young player to use it whether he is learning or playing baseball. The gloves are easily closed to keep the ball intact when learning to catch.

Why do I recommend you for these gloves? Their design comes with a very easy break in hence one can use them as soon as they arrive without the need of being coached. Moreover, the gloves have a basket-like weave pattern designed to increase the gloves flexibility to enable the young player to catch a ball easily.

The gloves are available for both the right and the left addition to the all through leather grain make, the gloves have leather laces that allow adjustments to be made by the player when need be. Other great features of the Rawlings prodigy youth glove are the overlapping closed fastback to improve the fitness of the glove to the hand of the player. More so, the palm and the fingers have cushions and linings for comfort while playing.


  • It is long-lasting
  • Has a great deep pocket for a grip
  • It does not need to be conditioned with oil for break in


  • It is most appropriate for the youth only

Easton Scout Flex Youth Baseball Glove

EASTON SCOUT FLEX YOUTH Baseball Glove| 2020 | Left-Hand Throw | 11" | All Position Glove | V Web | Ultra Soft Leather | Super Soft Palm Lining For Comfort + Grip | Easy Pocket Closure | SC1100
  • Ultra soft Hog Hide leather shell
  • Flex Notch system creates easier pocket closure
  • Three-piece palm construction reduces weight while adding durability
  • Left "Hand Orientation" Selection: Left Hand Throw & Glove on Your Right Hand
  • Right "Hand Orientation" Selection: Right Hand Throw & Glove on Your Left Hand

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If the first three youth baseball gloves have not impressed you then I would recommend to you Easton Scout Flex glove. It is a bit unique baseball glove that comes in 10-inch. Its manufacturers specifically designed it for kids hence it requires little time for a break in. Just as the name suggests, the Easton have a Z- Flex elastic straps on both sides of the palm.

The producers of this baseball glove believe that skills of a youngster on baseball starts with the ability to close the glove as soon as the ball is caught. Therefore, it is one of our recommended baseball gloves as it requires no treatment to break in hence, it can be used immediately it arrives.

Other major features of this glove that makes it appear in my five review is its ultra-soft leather make. Before I continue with its features, you should know that Easton Scout Flex Glove is easy to be cleaned and maintained by a youngster as its ultra-soft leather does not need to be cleaned often. Continuing, the glove has a much bigger web pocket as compared to other standard gloves of the same size. You will, therefore, realize that it has a bigger and accommodate pocket for the ball.

The 2-1-1 design of the Easton gloves helps accommodate both the pinky and the ring finger in the same sleeve giving the youth player more control and strength when closing the glove. The strap around the wrist provides more adjustments and prevent the glove from falling while playing or losing.


  • Great glove with low price.
  • They are easy to squeeze for a catch.
  • Most flexible available gloves.
  • Best recommended for either the right or the left fielders.


  • To fit the smaller hands, it needs to be broken in a bit.

Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove, Regular, Basket-Web, 9 Inch
  • 9-inch youth t-ball glove
  • Basket-Web and soft, pliable shell for easy closure
  • Soft inner lining for comfort
  • Molded PU training ball included
  • Game ready; comes 100% broken-in from the factory

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Last but not least in my list of best youth baseball gloves that you should consider buying your kid is the Rawlings Players Series. It is quite simple and it will surely help your kid enjoy the game with maximum comfort. They come at a pocket friendly price hence you can easily afford them. Amazingly, these gloves have variety of features that fit various clients especially the young star players.

What makes this gloves appear in my top five and why you should buy it for your child is because it comes with a soft-core ball that does not hurt as compared to the baseball. Hence, the beginners can use it for training and skill perfection. The palms of the gloves are fully made of leather of the best quality. The palm is cushioned to protect you from getting hurt while catching the ball.

Moreover, these gloves come with a flexible pocket that allows easy catch. This pocket will help you have control over the pinky finger which worries many young plyers as it will accommodated both in the same position with index finger. What makes them unique and best is their soft tradition feel.

They are made in such a way that they help the player to easily secure a catch as they have pliable soft shell. In fact, if you think your kid requires a snugger fit, then I would like to recommend this glove, as it has Vecro brand fastening straps that ensures fitness and strength to your child’s hand.


  • Perfect baseball for a beginner
  • Comes with a soft core ball for training
  • Has a basket web pattern making it more flexible.


  • Takes long to break in.


Catchers will enjoy catching that ball and playing baseball in general with either of the gloves recommended above. I can assure you, the above youth baseball gloves have been well constructed to enable a young player to use them for a long period until they develop muscle memories on them. So, go ahead and buy any of the above best youth baseball gloves today.  Also, don’t forget to buy a protective cup for the extra protection.

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