Exercise Routines for Beginners

7 Exercise Routines for Beginners That Will Impact Your Life

This article will help you explore different exercise routines for beginners so that you can have a healthy and positive change in your life.

Starting to workout is an important positive change in your life and also a big commitment to yourself. Once you engage in such a routine, you will have to keep at it for best results. It is important to start off on the right path and create the best workout program for your needs. Which is why we put together 7 exercises routines for beginners that will give you the right direction. Get in control of your life and health by working out and reach the body of your dreams!

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7 Exercise Routines for Beginners

1. Cardio workout with low impact

You can successfully do this workout on your cardio day, at home, with no equipment needed.

Instead of jogging in place, try marching in place and raise your knees as high as you can. Do this for 45 seconds than rest for 10. Continue with other 45 seconds of butt kicks as your chest is leaning forward. Lift one knee and arms at the same time and switch to the other knee. Do this for 45 seconds as well, followed by a 10 seconds break.

You can do exercises from the horizontal position too. Lay down on your back and bring your knees as close as you can to your shoulders. Make a kick move with your knees while your spine and shoulders remain straight. Get back to the original position and repeat for 45 seconds. The 10 seconds break is very important so don’t skip it between sets!

2. Upper Body Strength

exercise routing strength training

As a beginner in terms of workout, you don’t want to neglect your upper body strength. Building up your strength will help you get ready for more intense exercises. You can even mix this type of exercises with some cardio just to make it more fun. You will use some dumbbells or weights to complete this workout routine. If you are not sure what type of weights to use, you can go for an adjustable weights set. A good option is Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

Use your weights to lift them with both of your hands or alternate one arm at a time. This is a basic strength exercise that will empower your arms efficiently. Do minimum 10 repetitions for each arm and take a 20 seconds break in between.

You can also lift your weights by holding them with your hands placed behind your back. The movement remains the same regardless to the position of your arms. You might also notice that you can use different weights in different positions. Adapt your equipment to your body in order to make the best workout.

3. Butt and thighs workout routine

Everyone wants a nice shaped buttocks but it all happens step by step. As a beginner, you will not be able to do complex exercises from the start. But with this routine, you will see changes soon and be ready to move on to the next level.

Stay on your fours with your hands right under your shoulders, facing the floor. Make sure to keep a straight back and your knees stable on the ground. From this position push back one leg at a time as if you were kicking something. Alternate between one leg and the other. Do a minimum of 10 repetitions for each leg and take a break.

Squats are great for working your butt and thighs as well. Repeat around 20 of them before taking a 20 seconds break. You can also do jump squats even if these are a bi harder to perform.

4. Abs Workout

abs workout is a great exercise for beginner, this girl is doing a push up exercise

Abs workout will give you that six pack you always wanted to have. While to get there you need a healthy diet as well, exercising is an important part of it. Warm up before starting an abs session as this will help you resist to more repetitions. Lay down on your mat with your back straight and aligned with the rest on your body. You can place your hands under your head for more comfort. Lift your upper body until it gets in a perpendicular position with your legs. Get back to the original position and repeat for at least 10 times. Once you feel like you can do more, gradually increase the number of repetitions.

You can also workout your abs by lifting your legs. You start in the same laying on your back position. But instead of lifting your upper body you lift your legs, together at the same time. Make sure you keep them straight as you do that and you don’t bend your knees at all.

5. Do rotating-stretching

exercise stretching for beginners

Stretching is most often part of the warm up phase of every workout. But it can also be a workout routine on itself, especially for beginners. The idea is to stretch all the important muscles in your body by performing slow but well defined moves. For instance you can stretch your neck by rotating your head in a circular movement from right to left. Don’t do sudden movements because this could be dangerous. Simply rotate your head and end the rotation with your chin in your check.

Stretch your arms as well by rotating them in circular movements on both sides of your body. You will do this by rotating your shoulders. First do it in a forward direction and then switch to a backward one. Do a similar exercise for your hands by rotating your wrists.

Do a similar rotating movement for your feet. If you perform these stretches on a daily basis, your body will be more relaxed and more flexible.

6. Easy Daily Push-ups

first exercise with no equipment needed

As a beginner, you might be intimidated by the classic push ups. But if you adjust them to your level and resistance, you might enjoy them a lot more. To do that simply get in the push up position but keep your knees on the ground. Place your palms on the floor facing downs and make sure they are right under your shoulders. You will push your body up from your knees rather than your feet. This will give you more stability. Once you find these push ups quite easy to perform, move on to regular ones.

As you become more confident in your body strength, you can even try push ups with one hand to increase the difficulty.

7. Add Lunges to Your Routine

side lunge exercise together

Lunges should never miss from your workout, regardless to how experienced you are. These exercises stretch your muscles, especially your leg muscles like no other. But there are many advantages of doing regular lunges. And they are all connected to getting in shape as well as improving your strength. There are many variations of lunges so you can choose the one that works best for you.

To start with stand straight with your feet hip width apart from each other. From this position take a step forward with one of the legs. Bend the other leg until your knee reaches the floor. Maintain this stretch position for 5 seconds and switch to the other leg. Your back and spine should stay straight at all times during the lunge. All the bending is done from your legs and not your upper body.


As you can see, there are workout exercises and routines for everyone that even beginners can try. What really matters is your determination to do them. You can have a different theme for each day of the week. One day do a cardio workout and the next day perform a strength workout, and so on. This will help you work all your muscle groups in a week. Once you get more resistant and you can handle more difficult exercises you can upgrade your workout routine.

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