How to Get Ready for a Baseball Game | In-Depth Guide

It’s all about how to get ready for a baseball game from here on, brace yourself. Baseball is an exciting team sport, played on a field with a bat and a ball. It’s truly a sport to take pride in for being a part of, which brings us to why you are here. In this article, you’ll be taken on a full drive regarding the four big blocks on how to get ready for a baseball game.

How to Get Ready for a Baseball Game Physically

The MLB— Major League Baseball is full of players who rely heavily on coordination, sight, and the ability to endure. To be fit for baseball, you have to be able to endure standing for a long time and engaging in a lot of physical activities without running out of breath so fast. Baseball demands great coordination on the part of the player. It is a physical game of rapidly changing action that demands reflexes and coordination, with most players spending about 80% of their time on the court – in games, they can spend three hours plus or minus on the field depending on number of innings. To master this sport, many players practice specific fitness drills so they can develop their core strength, explosiveness, and reaction times.

When you know how to get ready for a baseball game, it gives you the best chance of succeeding in the sport. There are a few things you should do to train your body. You need more than just strength and explosiveness. Here are some tips to maximize how to get ready for a baseball game.

Learn the Skill

Learn the skill in order to prepare and get ready for baseball

Being able to bat, run, and dodge are the important basics that take you from beginner to intermediate. If you’re only focused on developing strength, speed or explosiveness, you won’t become a better baseball player. What’s more important is developing the skill of baseball. Understanding how to get ready for a baseball game requires understanding the tactics used in every situation of the game, not just learning about muscles and speed.

This in-depth understanding of the sport gives you confidence in all situations and gives you control over your destiny on the court. You can improve as much at baseball as a basic course at school will give you as far as your physical skills go. Your overall physical skills will improve if your fundamentals are good. So, start with the fundamentals of baseball, learn the basics and then practice your skills regularly. Don’t just try to improve your physical fitness; focus on learning the skill of baseball as well. The more coordinated you can be in this game; the better chance you’ll have of winning.

Practice Your Batting


One of the most important things to develop in any baseball player is a good batting form. Everyone loves to say that you should work on your swing, but a lot of people don’t think about the details that make a good batting form. A good batting form is something that, when practiced regularly, makes repetitively practicing your swing as much fun as it can be.

But Do Not Only Practice Batting

This will tire your arms out and make them more prone to injury. For exercises specific to baseball, cardio is a good place to continue.

Follow a Strict Routine of Cardiovascular Exercises for Your Heart Rate

Follow a Strict Routine of Cardiovascular Exercises for Your Heart Rate

You can start with something like running or cycling. When you are confident at these, move on to more rigorous training such as high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, or calisthenics. As well as improving general fitness, the exercises will make you more explosive. Taking a strength-training class might be worth a look as well. Squatting and deadlifting will increase your lower body strength and lung capacity making you better able to handle the physical demands of baseball

Train Your Muscles

Baseball is a game that requires physical strength. You should do some weight lifting to build up your muscle strength. You should also do some boxing or martial arts training so you can get used to wielding your reflexes, this will come in handy on the field.

Even though muscle size doesn’t directly increase power and speed, it does play a role in how fast you can run and how quickly you can make decisions on the field. You can be strong but slow if you only focus on training your muscles instead of also developing your skill at baseball.  If you can combine the strength and speed of a big man with the skill of a catcher, you’ll have an edge over other players.

For Your Lower Body Muscles

Baseball movements require explosive movements from the legs, hips, and waist that demand power and speed. The lower body is where most power comes from, so it’s important to strengthen your legs, hips, and lower back muscles before playing in a baseball game. Strengthening these muscles will increase thigh endurance so you can maintain an aggressive play style for the entire game. Plyometric exercises like jumping rope, lunges, and push-ups that focus on jumps and fast movements can help to improve agility and leg power.  Practicing martial arts, gymnastics, dancing or boxing can also help in getting your body used to sudden changes in direction and twisting movements which occur in the game.

For Your Upper Body Muscles

Explosive moves don’t come only from the legs and hips; they also come from the arms and shoulders, which demand strength and power. Baseball is a full-body sport, so strengthening your upper body will increase your explosiveness on the court as well as increase your endurance to support an aggressive play style for an entire game.

Stretch Before Your Game

stretching helps you prepare and get ready for a baseball game

When getting ready for a baseball game, stretching is very important as it prepares your muscles for explosive movements by relaxing them so they’re flexible but not weak. You can improve speed and reaction times by maximizing flexibility without overstretching. By making sure you are flexible enough while stretching, you won’t waste energy on unneeded movements during the game.

As you stretch, don’t forget to stretch your hips and shoulders. These muscles are critical for explosive movement in baseball, so you should focus on improving them before a game. Your shoulders also provide your arms with power, so they should be focused on as well. Do a few exercises that focus on shoulder flexibility like shoulder rolls or overhead stretches; these will improve your mobility before the game. After the game, you should also stretch your muscles to help them relax and keep in shape.

Take Care of Your Body

It’s essential to take care of yourself before a big baseball game by getting enough rest, eating the most nutritious foods, and getting proper rest. Here are some tips for making sure you’re at your fittest before tomorrow’s showdown:

Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Not only does inadequate sleep lead to physical exhaustion, but it has been shown to have serious mental effects on athletes including decreased performance, worsened reaction time and an inability to concentrate.

Drink plenty of fluids – you don’t want dehydration playing a factor! Make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day so that when it comes time for bed, you’ll be hydrated enough to get a full night’s sleep.

How to Get Ready for a Baseball Game Mentally

mentally prepare for a baseball game

Another big block on how to get ready for a baseball game is mental preparation. In sports, physical competence seems to be more emphasized than the mental aspect. Yet, mental capability amounts to about 70% of total gameplay. It is wonderful to have a fit body, but all that will be useless if you as a player do not believe that you have it in you to take home the win. Below are down to earth tips on how to up your mental grip before a game.

Enlarge Strengths Minimize Weaknesses

In the analogy of The Good Wolf and The Bad Wolf, when asked which would possess more strength, the answer is ‘the one you feed’. It will do you no good as a player if you continue to focus on what you cannot do, rather than what you can do. As a baseball player, if you happen to be a person who has better skills tuned to one part of your body. Let’s assume your right hand is the ace and is very good at gripping. Don’t focus on your left hand that seems to be sloppy at helping you grip the bat.

Highlight the ability of your right hand as you work on the left hand. Place more emphasis on your abilities, rather than your disabilities.

Ditch Limiting Beliefs

ditch limiting beliefs

Avoid clinging to beliefs that do not serve you! It is not uncommon to hear some players project some of their limiting beliefs like “I can’t perform well on that side of the field…”, “Tuesday morning games never go well for me…”, “I just can’t bat well when I’m not yet in the zone…”, “I can’t play without my lucky shirt…” They go on and on. Granted, it is very healthy to be aware of your weaknesses or things that just don’t go right. Yet, mental blocks arise when we cling to limiting beliefs which we perceive so much to be true.

To become a capable baseball player, avoid clinging to beliefs that deduct from your potential. The fans watching you will not be aware of the fact that you just aren’t at your best on Tuesday mornings, they will simply believe you are an incompetent player. Ditch those chains you hold as beliefs. Strive to adapt and grow in scenarios that feel unfamiliar to you. Everyone loves an all-around player who brings the energy to the game as best as they can.

Build Up Your Inner Strength

Build Up Your Inner Strength so you can mentally prepare for your baseball game

When you do physical exercises, the results are seen in the shape your body has morphed into. But when you do mental workouts, the results are seen in your actions. As a player, you have to prioritize working more on your inner strength. Having this can boost your gameplay sporadically. Having a balanced mind can help you have your head in the game, when that happens you are bound to achieve more than you believed you were capable of.

Take time to practice healthy rituals, like meditations and affirmations. Even if you have never tried it before, you have to strongly consider taking it up.

Proceed With Confidence

It’s best to face the field fearlessly, even when you are not so sure how the game will turn out. It’s called bravery, doing it scared. When you face the field with charged energy, you could as well turn the game around because just like fear, energy is contagious. When you are confident in your abilities, you will realize that your mind will assist you in presenting more of what you can do than what you cannot.

When next it’s game time, try walking in with your head held high. Your mind will receive the message and can help provide you with the inner moral you possess.

Don’t Be Intimidated by Your Opponent

This could be hard, especially if your opponent looks taller and fiercer than you do. You could be taken aback, but you should not. The moment you begin to fear your opponent; you start to lose the game. Try to remember that you are also as tough as can be. If it helps, you could put your facial muscles to good use by putting on a stern face to show your opponent that you mean business here as well. Your opponent can sight fear, once your demeanor projects weakness or fragility, you’ll be tagged as an easy toss.

Above all, you have to remember that your opponent is human as well, they are also putting on a front. Try to relax and have fun with the game. If you become too fearful, it will get in your head.

Remember Your Team

Baseball is considered a team sport, this is comforting to be aware of because it means you’ll never be alone in the game. You have other like-minded teammates with you who will have your back, just as you will have theirs. Spend time with your teammates before and after games to bond with them well. A team that plays in harmony is often unbeatable, even in the face of defeat, they remain a great support system to one another.

Do What Works for You

This is also an important part of how to get ready for a baseball game. While getting ready for a baseball game, don’t forget to do what works for you. If you prefer to still and chill till the game begins, do just that if it helps you focus. If you are the type that has to socialize and jest with teammates, do so.

What you shouldn’t do is what makes you uncomfortable. It could throw you off your element. If you notice you are better in a particular segment of the sport, focus on that while remembering to not restrict yourself. In short, do you.

Be Aware of Your Role on the Field

Every player on the field has a special role to play and so do you. Your goal is to be aware of that role and play it to the best of your abilities. During team practice and formation, special information would have been given out or perceived. You knowing exactly what you are on the field to do and why will have a significant impact on your gameplay.

Take Steady Breaths

Practice breathing exercises to help you while you play. When an athlete has excellent breath control, it can help greatly in game performance. Without proper breath control, a player could start feeling fuzzy, short of breath and even pass out. Good breathing habits can help you to stay calm while you play.

Stay Calm

stay calm and focus

Keeping a calm countenance before a game helps in balancing the mind. The period before a game is not the period to overthink how the game may turn out. If you worry about an event that hasn’t taken place yet, it could unsettle your thoughts and cause you to feel disoriented during the game. Your best bet as a player is to remain cool and collected. Take the time to settle into the air of the game. Think positively and focus on doing your best out there.

Athlete Oriented Nutrition

Another block on how to get ready for a baseball game is athlete oriented nutrition. No matter how much we want to crow about physical strength, mental competence, what to wear and have, etc. Food is a very great determining factor of whether you do anything or not. Most times, you can’t fake energy. Our bodies are made to self-protect, so if you haven’t eaten well in days your body will send you signals you can’t ignore to tell you that there’s a problem.

You shouldn’t go wrong with the food, so here’s a guide to doing it right.

What Not to Eat Before a Game

Spicy Foods

spicy food is a must not before playing a game in baseball

Let’s start right off the bat, peppery foods. Avoid those like the plague, not only do they not settle in time, they are also notorious for causing tummy upsets. Especially when eaten in a rush or in large quantities. You do not want to have any food that contains chili for your sake. It could be distracting on the field, trying to hold your stomach from having a fit. It could be disastrous, stay away from pepper at least a good amount of hours before your game.

Oily Foods


Foods that are stuffed with fat take a while to digest. Not only that, they can make you feel sluggish and fatigued. Fast foods are guilty of this, it could be tempting to want to grab a quick snack, but is it worth risking the game? Avoid consuming foods that are rich in fat and protein close to game time, they can slow you down, thereby affecting your chances of playing at your best on the field.


Sweeteners is a big no no

At this point the game is so close. Take a rain check in adding sweeteners to your drinks. They could trigger a stomach upset, and that’s the last thing you need on the field.

The best bet is to stick to bland foods; bread, pasta, fruits, vegetables. Foods in this category are safe to consume, they won’t make you have to worry about finding the exit in case a stomach upset comes into play.

Key point; stay hydrated always. This is very important, during the game you will sweat a lot. This is why it’s good to have a water bottle nearby, if you are dehydrated you could be prone to fainting spells and you could affect your endurance levels during gameplay. Take sports drinks, consume watery fruits as well.

What to Eat After the Game

Protein based dish

This is when to call in the Calvary, also known as protein. When we work our bodies, muscles get broken down. Protein is good in helping to rebuild muscles. Healthy proteins can be found in; Eggs, fish, meat, nuts are also great places to get good calories.

Smoothies are very healthy to consume after games, they are very refreshing and they can ease the tension of the game away.  Consume foods rich in carbohydrates to help restore glycogen for your body, take recovery seriously by eating foods packed with healthy carbs and protein. Don’t forget to snack on a granola bar from time to time.

Hydration still remains a must before and after your game. Consume lots of water, sports drinks, fruits and fruit smoothies. All this recovery is to aid your performance in the next game. The body needs to be well fed and taken care of because of the high amount of energy that you need for it, especially for a sport as energy driven as baseball.

Equipment Needed When Getting Ready for a Baseball

Last block on how to get ready for a baseball game is baseball equipment. The big game is coming, there are a few things you’ll need before you get started. These gears make up a good part of the game, therefore it is important that you have them. Having them and being comfortable in them can also give you an added advantage on the field.

Baseball Cleats/Shoes

Mizuno 9-Spike Swagger 2

These shoes will be your best friend on the field because they have good soles which are designed for grip and good traction so that you can stop on a dime and change directions in the blink of an eye when needed. These shoes have also been made with lightweight materials that help reduce fatigue in your feet. They come with good outsole studs which makes it easier to move on grass pitches, and they also usually sell ankle support so when playing baseball game, there is no chance of injury. Read here to learn more on how to buy the best baseball cleats.

Baseball Pants

Wilson Youth Poly Warp Knit baseball Pant

Baseball pants are usually worn for practices and during games. When practicing or playing hard, it’s best to wear padded baseball pants because it gives protection from injury to the hips and thighs when falling over/onto something hard. When playing, loose pants can hinder movement by getting caught up in your knees while going up for a catch so it is best to have tight-fitting pants that do not get caught on things while playing. Usually, when playing baseball, you will sweat a lot so comfort is the most important factor here. Read here to learn more on our buyers guide and review for baseball pants for youth.

Baseball Shirts

It is best to wear a lightweight jersey that covers your arms because when you play baseball you have to move quickly so it’s best to have supportive clothing so there is no obstruction to your movement.

Sports Bra

You will be doing a lot of running in baseball so it’s best to wear a good sports bra so you don’t feel any chaffing or have any soreness later on. Sports bras are tailor-made to make you comfortable during vigorous exercise.

Baseball Socks

Socks! They should be worn when practicing because if you are working up a sweat you run the risk of getting cuts on your ankles due to sweat or sand from the field. These gives you a better grip and can help some with ankle support as well.


You could lose teeth in the heat of the game. Don’t forget to bring one of these to the field with you so you don’t have any dental problems later on.

Water bottle (for yourself)

PROMiXX iX-R Rechargeable Shaker Bottle

This is very important because when you are playing baseball it can get very hot and exhausting so don’t forget to keep water on the sidelines for yourself because if you start to lose your wits from dehydration, there will be no chance of you being able to get out of a tough situation that has been set up for you by your opponents and/or during the game. Read our recommended water bottles + protein shaker for athletes. 

Sports Tape

This is important to have on hand because when you are playing there are going to be injuries or cuts. Luckily, tape has been designed in a way that allows it to be used while playing and will help with healing those cuts/injuries due to skin friction being caused by all the sweat running down your body. This will help support all of your sprained ankles and other injuries that can be caused during playing.

Baseball Bat

Easton FUZE 360

this is an important piece of equipment in a baseball game which could be wooden or metallic. It is used to hit the baseball when thrown by the pitcher.

Batting Helmet

It protects the face from a baseball impact. It could be a single ear flap helmet or a double ear flap helmet. If you are looking to buy a helmet for your child our article best youth baseball helmets will help you.

Batting Gloves

it is a leather shaped equipment that is also known as mitt, it is worn by the defending team of a baseball game which is used to catch the baseball.

A Backpack or Bag

EASTON WALK-OFF IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

to store all your stuff while you’re getting ready or playing a baseball game.

Things to Put in Your Baseball Bag

A good baseball wash bag is crucial for those pregame sweats and post-match odors. Here’s a list of the most important and handy things that you should always include in your bag in addition to your main equipment when getting ready for a baseball game.

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner: You can’t expect your hair to be all fresh after a baseball game. Your hair won’t smell nice and your sweat will probably smell worse too. So always make sure to have shampoo and conditioner on hand.
  2. Deodorant: To avoid the stench from playing a baseball game, always make sure you have some deodorant in your wash bag.
  3. Toiletries: It is important to keep a spare tube of toothpaste & toothbrush, any medication you take daily, and bandages as they might be needed in case of emergency while or after playing a baseball game.
  4. A towel: Always bring a towel to the baseball game as it will be needed to mop up the sweat while and after playing the game.
  5. Hairbands/bobby pins: If your hair is of an inconvenient length, it will sure affect your efficiency while playing baseball. So make sure to always have some bands on hand.
  6. A change of clothes: You don’t want to be walking around in a sweaty, stinky outfit. Always carry an extra set of baseball pants and some basic casual clothes with you.
  7. Earphones, and A Power bank: You may need music to get in the zone while getting ready for a baseball game . In case your phone happens to die you might find yourself in a bit of a tight spot. So make sure to carry some power bank and spare earphones with you to play that music before the baseball game.
  8. Body wash: this could be in liquid form or a bar soap. This is useful in cleaning the body from sweat and odor after a baseball game.


How to get ready for a baseball game is an important question that has now been fully answered. Baseball is a wonderful sport, which is why there are a lot of things to know when it comes to preparing for a baseball game. All the four sections mentioned during the course of this article are all vital to the sport. Physical strength can boost your performance; mental strength is a must because without it the player will lose the essence of the game. What you eat before and after the game is highly important as well, the body reciprocates, if you treat it right it will treat you right as well. It is also very important as a baseball player to have some equipment that could aid your game play.

Have a great time preparing for your game. We hope this article made things easier for you!



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