How to Stop Striking Out in Baseball and Become an Olympic Player

Do you want to become an Olympic baseball player but feel stuck at striking out over and over again? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Read the article, and level up your game!

Becoming an Olympic-level player is a dream for every athlete. Baseball is being played since the 18th-century and holds a special place in the hearts of fans. And as for players, there is nothing more important than to master their swing and maximize their output. If you are just starting in baseball, you might always wonder how to stop striking out during the game?

Fielding like Mike Trout or Mookie Betts might not seem an easy target.  But if you are willing to set and achieve the challenging goal for yourself, your effort and work towards its achievement can be enhanced by strong willpower.

A fielder‘s biggest concern can be how to stop striking out in baseball. And this is something that might freak a player out. But to be able to dream big means a player can achieve it. It all starts from within.

If you start with a belief and confidence in yourself, I will win the pitch and hearts today. Nothing can then stop you. And to feel even more confident, you should know that the game you might be starting would not end with the end of the world. It’s just one game. Even if you strike out, that doesn’t mean failure. It means you have learned about your mistake and you got a chance to play even better next time.



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If you have ever had a chance to study sports psychology, you would know that most athletes fail not because they were not trained enough but due to the fear of failure. The fear of failure causes you to suppress your ability even before you start the game.

According to psychologists, it causes an increased level of anxiety and tension in the nerves, resulting in degraded performance. Before getting to the pitch, a player might think that if he fails, he would have to come across any of the following consequences:

  • He might think that would be disappointing people close to him.
  • Or he would have to bore embarrassment and humiliation.
  • Or he might be concerned about his future uncertainty based on one game.

Players need to overcome this idea. Because as said by psychologists, people who believe in themself and play with a vision of victory in mind tend to play a lot better than the rest.


Baseball players often have this notion that a perfect pitch would make their swing perfect. Well, that is not the case. The idea behind playing a markable game and not striking out is a mastered player and not an ideal pitch for you to start.

Take a leap of faith in your game and swing like the pro you are soon to become. Hit the ball with your approach in any situation. If you know your game, then the game for the other team is over.


taking too much time to decide

When you are in the field, you do not have many choices. As a fielder, all you have got to do is interpret and swing hard. If you take 2-3 seconds just to analyze the angles and ball, you’re going to miss it. It is coming fast! You haven’t got much time to look over.

Take your chance before it is too late. Just as Babe Ruth said,


The faster you take your chance, and the better would be the show. Take a quick decision. Practice before your event and hit hard with all your strength.


There are a lot of aspects that might require improvement from you to master your swing. Sometimes we pay little to no attention to details. Here I am enlisting a few tricks and techniques that can help you improve your game and face fewer to zero strikeouts.


Force contact early

Understandably, you do not want to get to two strikes to avoid striking out. To maintain a position where you don’t even reach two strikes, you need to force contact early. Before you even get to the plate, be ready to hit big. And for that, you need a small practice of mind.

When you enter into the game, just imagine yourself hitting the ball with one perfect swing. Psychologists also prove that if a player imagines himself playing the best before the game, he performs a great match. So get ready before even stepping on the plate and see how you magically stop striking out in your baseball game.



Another approach to avoid striking out is a mind game. Tell your mind that you are swinging until it is a ball. Even before you enter the batter’s box, let your mind know that your body has all the energy and power to swing and swing until a ball comes in the scene. This approach gives your body a position to be ready for all the odds and hit real hard.


One thing that always causes the hitters to strike out is trying to do too much. That should not be the goal. Take things lightly, do one thing at a time, and do not try to achieve six runs in one go. Focus on your swing and the ball. When you have overpowered the pitch, then go for the next goal.

If you have already hit two strikes, even then, do not freak out. That is the point where the fielders try to change their swing. You might want to adjust a little, but do not change your swing. That is not your style, and it will cause you a problem. Just swing as you have practiced and also avoid overswinging.



If you are new to baseball, you might think any swing might work, as seen in the videos. But to your surprise, this is not how it works. To be a mastered fielder, there exists a proper technique to swing and win the pitch.

Professional athletes have a precise acceleration that saves them from striking out. It involves your whole body movement and not just an arms and hands involvement. Besides learning about knob and handsy stuff, you should also practice mastering the mechanics of the athletic swing.



A quicker bat speed means you got more time to respond and act according to the pitch. Enhance your acceleration, and practice your unique style that makes it easy for your to swing in all different situations.

Your very first move towards the incoming pitch determines how your swing is going to end. So to have a perfect swing;

  • No. 01. be proactive
  • No. 02. take your position
  • No. 03. eyes on the pitch
  • No. 04. then set your bat to the motion before the ball comes into action.


As discussed at the start of this article, players are often scared of failure. The fear of failure makes them face loss over and over again. But if you play a little mind game before getting into the actual baseball game, it can improve your performance by many degrees. Tell yourself that it is okay even if you strike out. You just have to give your best performance.

If you strike out, that does not mean that the pitcher has dominated you. It is just that you get to know something more about what might not prove a good style for your game. Tell your brain that nothing will end with this particular game, let it know that there would not be any shame in striking out. It is just a part of the game.

Either failure or success, both of them tell you that you have tried and achieved something. In the case of victory, success is what you have achieved. And in case of failure, you still got experience and a reason to improve yourself even more.


It is indispensable to know how the pitcher perceives the game. Though it is not possible to thoroughly learn about his techniques provided the fact that you can be playing with a stranger.

When you are on the plate with your bat, all you have to do is read your pitcher. Look at how he is taking the game. Focus on his hand movements and his position. Observing the pitcher, then attempt to expand your striking zone and shorten your swing path slightly.



This is one of the handy tricks to level up your game. Choking up the bat gives you a lot more control over it. It helps players put the ball to the plate. If you have complete control over your bat, you can hit the ball all over the field.


There is an approach to master your swing with the focus on three words/things. This three words approach includes:

  • Timing
  • Confidence
  • Approach
  1. You make the best swing of your life; if it is not proper, it will be wasted. Analyzing and predicting the appropriate time when the bat has to hit the ball is the key here. It is his all is a matter of milliseconds.

You do not even have full 2 seconds to analyze, interpret and then act. Within a fraction of 1 second, you have to look over the pitch and make your move within the exact time.

  1. Walking into the batter’s box with firm confidence in one’s instincts and playing abilities is a game-changer. Imagine starting a game with the belief that you are not meant to win this game. How do you think this will impact your game? In the worst possible way. Right.

This is where your confidence plays its part. You know your game and your capabilities and believe that this game is meant for you to win. Trust me; nothing can stop you from winning the game and the hearts of people who are watching the game and supporting you.

  1. And lastly comes the approach. Every player has his style and method of playing. When you enter into a particular game or situation, it does not mean to mold yourself entirely into that game.

Though you have to adjust according to a particular game, your approach towards the game and your swing must always be the same. Because if you are practicing with one direction today and in the field the next day, you change your style completely, it will cause strikeouts, and you might lose in the majority of the games.


You might think that strikeout is the worst thing that can happen at the plate. That is not the case. We all know that best hitters strike out more. But still, they are considered the best hitters. There has to be a reason. Striking out is normal; it’s a part of the game. What’s not normal is getting disappointed in yourself. Temporary sadness might be OK. But to get back into the game and practice harder is the true spirit to master the art of not striking out as much as you did in the past.

Don’t feel pressured. A game is supposed to be a refreshing activity to make you feel relieved and not stressed out. People who have their livelihood depending upon baseball need even more time to relax and build a spirit to enjoy the game. The more you stress out, the greater are the chances of strikeout. The more you feel at ease and patience, the greater the chances for victory and mental peace. Take as many opportunities as many available to practice out your game. Practice makes a player perfect.

All the players that we idolize today stand at such a good place because of their yesterday’s unending efforts, hope, and belief in their capabilities. That is what should be the goal in your mind when you are just starting. To sum up everything, it is as much of a mind game as much as physical. Before your body acts, the brain directs and controls it. Keep your brain at peace, with faith in your skills, and nothing can stop you from winning the day!

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