Top 10 Baseball Plays Of All Time

Top 10 Baseball Plays Of All Time [VIDEO]

Watching the pros play gives us determination inspiration, and motivation to play baseball. Just knowing that they give their all while playing encourages us to give it our best too! With this in mind, We have compiled the top 10 baseball plays from the pros you can watch.

Top 10 Baseball Plays

10. David Freese’s two-out triple

During the 2011 World Series Game 6, David Freese’s Cardinals gets a big comeback from Ranger with his huge two-out triple from Nelson Cruz.

9. Jim Edmonds’ Catches

He is undoubtedly one great baseball player. With his great catches, his plays are one to be remembered

8. Endy Chavez’s Great Catch

During the 2006 NLCS Game 7, With a 1-1 score with the Cardinals, at the top of the 6th inning Chavez caught the ball at tip of his gloves. Despite his great effort, they lost the game.

7. Gregor Blanco’s Amazing Catch for the Perfect Game

Matt Cain’s pitch was hit during the 7th inning, but thanks to Gregor’s unbelievable catch, he preserves the game with a perfect 10-0

6. Mike Trout’s Fantastic Catch

The batter thinks he gets a home run but Mike Trout just stole that one.

5. Gary Matthew’s Gravity Defying Catch

This jaw dropping catch by Gary Matthew just rob Mike Lamb’s homerun. Watch the video to see how it goes.

4. Derek Jeter’s Famous Catch

This catch during their game with Red Sox become famou. It is one to be remembered forever.

3. Mark Buehrle back hand play

The batter hits the ball but Mark countered it with his back hand throw to the 1st base.

2. Willie Mays catch

He caught it despite being in a difficult situation and the best part is that he throws it back to the infield to stop the base runner.

1. Masato Akamatsu’s wall-climbing catch

This game from Japan is what I think is the best catch ever. I haven’t seen anyone catch a ball with such beauty.


I hope you enjoyed our top 10 baseball plays. Baseball is enjoyed by young players as well as adult players.

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