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Top 5 Training Programs for Weight Gain 2022

Even if most workout programs are focused on loosing weight, there are some that can help you gain weight. It is also important what kind of weight you are gaining. You don’t want to put on fat just because you are too skinny. But you want to put on some muscle by following a good diet and exercising correctly. To save you from searching everywhere for such programs, here are 5 workouts that will help you gain weight! Keep in mind that you need to watch your diet as well. Eat healthy foods and don’t starve yourself because that will risk your health.

Pro Tip: Proper diet is recommended if you are serious about gaining weight!

Here is Our List of the TOP 5 Training Programs for Weight Gain

1. A Program Based on Aerobic Workout

aerobic exercise as a weight gain program

Programs based on aerobic workouts are extremely fun and efficient when you need to gain some weight in a healthy way. The best way to perform a good aerobic workout is at a gym or in an organized group. This will keep you motivated to keep at it and do your best while you are also having a great time! Because these exercises are based on inhaling and exhaling and not on intensity, they stimulate your metabolism. This will help you gain weight slowly but sure. This type of workout will also increase your appetite and you will want to eat more. Just make sure you dive into healthy foods full in vitamins and nutrients. Stay away from junk food and sweets!

2. A Swimming Program

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If you like to swim this one is for you. Make a workout training out of your swimming hobby and your body will thank you! Swimming can do miracles if you want to gain weight but also if you want to lose weight. To use it for gaining weight all you have to do is swim diligently and on a regular basis. This will increase your appetite and you will consume more food. Swimming can bring your health a wide variety of benefits so you have many reasons to engage in this practice more! It is also a great cardiovascular workout so you can prevent many related diseases by swimming! Join a local pool or go for a swim in the sea if you live by the seaside. This will bring you plenty of fresh air as well, which is very important for your health!

3. An Athletics Jogging Program

jogging exercise as weight gain for people

If you don’t know how to swim or you are not a fan of this sport, maybe jogging is your cup of tea. Start by jogging on small distances and maintain a steady breathing rhythm. This will help your body get used to the new workout and it will increase your resistance. Jogging will enhance your metabolism and will take care of your cardiovascular system as well. Just like swimming, jogging brings you many benefits if you transform it into a habit! But it is crucial to jog while you are wearing the right running shoes. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture is a great pair of running shoes for guys that will offer the right comfort. You can also find the girls’ version of these shoes, ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture. Both pairs are very appreciated and they are made of very high quality materials. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so you will find just the right pair for you. Jogging will help you put on muscles and digest heavy food a lot easier.

4. Programs Based on Lunges and Push Ups

push up as weight gain exercise

Lunges can be very complex as well as they can be very simple. It all depends on how much experience you have at this type of workout. The same goes for push ups. You decide the intensity and the speed of such exercises. But one thing is for sure, such exercises will help you gain weight the more you indulge into them. Don’t rush when you do your push ups and focus on the weight of your body.

Also, try to stretch your muscles as good as possible and keep the stretching position longer. You will end up with more muscle weight if you perform both push ups and lunges daily. And you don’t need any special equipment for such a workout program. All you need is the determination to do it and the time to engage in it. It is best to do your exercising early in the morning because it will boost your energy for the day! But you can do it any other time your schedule allows you as well.

5. Daily Squats Programs

squat execise

Another interesting gain weight program is the one based on squats. Just like the other programs, this is one that you can perform at home. If you have an instructor is even better. All you have to do is perform as many squats as you can every morning. Start by doing 10 squats sets and increase the number as your resistance increases as well. It is important to keep your back straight as you do these squats because they can also help your posture. If you don’t perform squats correctly, you can damage your back, so don’t neglect this aspect!

Our Thoughts

The listed programs are all based on a certain type of exercises but you can feel free to combine them. This will add a variety and give you a complex daily workout. And when you need to gain weight, a daily workout routine is essential for your success. Don’t neglect the diet aspect either. If you are not eating a good balance of foods, you will not obtain the results you want. There are many healthy foods that will help you gain weight. And if you are not sure what to do to follow the right path, you can always consult a specialist. Take into account that each workout program takes time to give results. It also takes consistency and discipline. So, you can’t be superficial when it comes to following a workout program.

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