What to Expect When Buying a Football Helmet According to Experts

American football is one of the most loved sports in the world. However, there is a piece of equipment, which is mostly taken for granted despite its importance to the game. Football fans and some players often do think this equipment is just a mere accessory that helps make football players look reliable and hard-core action packed while they play on the field. What most individuals don’t know is just how essential and vital American football helmets are when it comes to playing this game. Therefore, someone might ask what is the best football helmet? Well, the best helmet prevents the player’s head/skull from any injury during the game.

What to Expect When Buying a Football Helmet

Without a good helmet, a player cannot and will not be permitted to play on the field. You should know that this sport is a highly contact sport that no one can predict except the players themselves. Therefore, it is only American football players who can predict the outcome of the game while most of them are usually just a second away from scrambling to make a perfect touchdown. The best helmets are like a real deal when it comes to this game. Given all the tackles that must be dodged and faced, every player’s safety relies on the helmet worn to protect his or her heads.

The best helmet should have NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) certification. Although it is not a must, the seal confirms and assures that the helmet met the minimum safety standards for athletic wear. When one is out buying a helmet, the brand name determines a lot about the product. A firm that produces a little bit of everything is not a good company to buy the best safe and comfortable helmet. A firm that produces motorcycle gloves, hockey pucks, and golf clubs may not be the best firms to purchase the best helmet. There are several football helmet manufacturing companies to choose from including Riddell, Schutt, and Adams just to mention but a few. You need to examine the helmet’s features, though a reputable brand is one of the best place to start.


Protect yourself from any harm when you are playing American Football by choosing the right football helmet. Indeed, you must always prioritize your safety, especially when playing this game. Go for a helmet, which has all the properties required in helmet. This will ensure that your head is protected against any injury in the field.

For people who are looking to buy the latest helmets, all of the above football helmets provide unique qualities. Just like above helmets, all American football helmets must meet NOCSAE guidelines. Helmet’s price is another consideration when you are making your purchase. Different price range offer varying qualities therefore go for the product that meets your specifications and qualities.

A recent study done in Boston University show that out of ninety-four deceased former players of NFL ninety had brain disease or injury. Most of these brain diseases are prevalent to individuals who suffer recurrent brain trauma, like American football player do. This kind of disease is only diagnosed after death.

Given this statistics, it is important to always making sure your head is safe from different injuries in the football field, by buying the best football helmet there is in the market. All the 13 helmets we have listed for you above benefit from patented state of the art technology, and they offer their own unique features to consider when buying for new American football helmets.

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