7 Workout Routines for Fat Loss

Most people who join a lose weight program, are focused on losing the fat on their body. But while this is very important, it also requires special exercises. If you are a beginner at working out, you will need some guidance when it comes to eliminating your fat.

Plus, it is important to understand that fat can be burned differently on different parts on your body. Your diet is also important when you want to lose fat so don’t count only on your workout. So, if you want to achieve and maintain the silhouette of your dreams, you need to have a healthy lifestyle altogether. Here are 7 of the best workout routines for fat loss!

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1. Carry heavy loads

woman carrying heave load

If you get used to carry loads that solicit your body strength you have big chances of eliminating extra fat. All you have to do is carry things when the occasion appears. You can walk with different weights in your hands which is called the “farmer’s walk”. You can also push or pull a sled or use dumbbells to carry over your head. Kettlebells will work just fine for this type of workout as well. The idea is to carry a weight as often as you can and include such an exercise in your workout routine!

Carrying such weights is forcing your body to lose the fat it doesn’t need. It helps you work your torso, work your muscles and keep your trunk still and engaged. Not only that you will lose fat but you will also increase your muscle mass. And there are plenty of reasons to want to lose fat and get fit. So, every time you can carry something, don’t skip it!

2. Workout muscles from different groups in the same workout

workout and repeatition is key

It is equally important to workout different muscles in the same session. Many people are tempted to focus on one muscle group a a time when they work out. But that might not be the ideal way to lose your fat layer. However, if you do change the exercises that you do fast enough, your body will need to adapt. This will improve your cardiovascular health as well, on top of the fact that it will reduce fat.

You can obtain maximum results from sets of 6 to 8 repetitions of such exercises. Aim for one exercise that works the lower body and one that works the upper body. You can take 20 seconds breaks in between sets but not more. Speed is important when you want to lose fat! If you are a beginner at this type of workout, avoid exercises that require a rigid trunk pose. These get more challenging the more tired you get so for the beginning, there’s no need to struggle with them. Such workout sessions will help you lose the fat on your abs which is the hardest to eliminate.

3. Body circuit workout

body circuit exercise sample

Many fitness instructors start to recommend the body circuit workout. This is a fairly new workout routine that can do miracles when you want to lose fat. All you have to do is establish a set of 5 exercises that include the workout of your entire body. Try to find exercises that involve big movements such as squats or presses and pull ups. Once you have your set of 5 exercises, give yourself 60 seconds to go through all of them. The more expert you get to be, the shorter the time to perform will be. So, eventually you will be able to perform these exercises in 45 seconds.

There are many types of body circuit exercises that you could try out. And you can find most of them available online so you will not have to dig very deep. But make sure that you have a doctor’s approval in order to perform all these. Some of them require quite a big of effort and they are not for everyone.

4. Try rest actively

Between sets, you will need to catch your breathe. This means that a break between two sets is a must in order to obtain the highest yield. But there are different ways to take a break as well. The best types of breaks are the active ones. This means that even if you will not be working out, you will not be staying either. You will never actually take a complete break, but your body will understand your active rests as efficient breaks.

For instance, in between upper body exercises you can do some abs. This will keep your heart rate high enough in between sets, without keeping it too high. The active rest sessions should go between 45 seconds and 60 seconds. Also, make sure you take 15 to 20 seconds of no effort at all in order to calm down your heart rate and your body.

5. Walk more

walking is one of the best exercise

Walking is an essential part of your health. Many people neglect this important aspect considering that it is not as efficient. But if you add to your daily routine one hour of walking, it can make all the difference. This can change the balance in your body composition by eliminating fat and increasing muscles. The more used you get to walking you can start jogging. Jogging is the habit that healthy and fit people have and it should become part of your lifestyle. But in order to get to jog on a regular basis, focus on walking every day between half an hour and one hour. Try walking in a more alert way that way you can actually get a workout out of it.

Also, make sure that you walk correctly and keep your legs straight. Many people walk in a way that is adding more damage than benefit to their condition. Use proper shoes and have complete movements without rushing into them.

6. Breathe correctly

Breathing might seem just as natural as walking but again, there are people who are simply not doing it right. Especially when you exercise and you know breathing is very important for each move you make. There are different exercises that require different breathing strategies. the key to a successful workout routine is to breathe deep and slowly.

Panting is never going to help you burn fat or work out properly so you can forget about it. Instead of doing that, take deep breathes as you are doing complex exercises. You will have to adjust your breathing to the type of workout that you are performing. But the important thing is to listen to your body and breathe the way it needs you to!

7. Check your body composition constantly

checking for fat loss

And last but not least, you should make sure that all your workout strategies pay off after all. This means that you will have to check your body composition and see how your fat level is changing. You can use smart scales that will show you not only how much you weight but also what is your body made of. FITINDEX Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale is a type of scale that will show you your body composition. You should always use such a scale instead of a regular one. You can connect it to an app to your smartphone and track your health at all times. This scale will show you the body fat level, the muscle mass, water level as well as your BMI and BMR. And once you can track all these aspects, you can check the efficiency of your workout routine easier.

Make sure to track your body fat at least twice a month. Ideally, you should have set dates for when you check that. This will save you from getting on the scale all the time which is not efficient. Investing in a smart scale like this one can make all the difference when you need to lose fat!


Losing fat is not an impossible challenge, but it is one that you might struggle with. However, by investing in the right scale and know your numbers, you will track your effort a lot better. You also have to implement efficient workout routines to help you along the way. It will take time but once you get into these healthy habits, you can win the race. Follow this guide and see your layers of fat disappearing!

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