Youth Baseball Drills – Both for Catchers and Hitters

youth baseball drills

You can use several youth baseball drills that are available today to aid youths to become better baseball players. In addition, the greater the amount of these you utilize, the more the option you use the higher the chances for your team to obtain a competitive edge.

Best Youth Baseball Drills for Developing Hitters’ Skills

There are three fundamental areas youth players should be concerned with to start playing baseball, and each is similarly essential.

Hitting drills ought to incorporate the position, the turn of the hips amid the swing, and the swing itself. The stance should include the player having their feet separated in order to feel good and the correct grasping of the bat.

Use Imaginary Ball at the Beginning.pht 1

youth baseball drills

A particularly decent drill does not necessarily utilize a ball. It essentially incorporates a coach who can just stand on a mound and wind up as if they are going to throw and pitch an imaginary ball. You are just supposed to stand up and watch the actual movement the young players make during the swing at the imaginary ball. Where the young baseball players holding their weight? Are their knees twisted? Did one drop his/her hand? Did their head maintain straight? Did they step towards the third phase or into the ball, or outside the batting box itself? Did the player turn at his/her hips and/or was their enough energy coming from their arms?

Note: This youth baseball bats are great for practice as well as official games.

3 pht 1Great Ways to Improve Youth Baseball Players

youth baseball drills

  1. The main troublesome move that most baseball players make is jumping from tee ball to machine pitch or coach pitch, whatever the case. Drills that make this move uses a big, nerf soccer ball and let the new players hit it for a while. This enables them to get a feel of hitting a ball that is moving.
  2. Baseball Ready Position Drill is one of those drills that is incredible of showing children the benefit of being in “prepared position” when the ball is conveyed to the plate. At the shortstop have an infielder’s line up for ground ball practice like ordinary, yet BEFORE you hit the ground ball ensure they are in a good athletic position so they can easily get a beneficial jump on the ball easily.
  3. Twofold Leg Kick Drill, it’s another baseball drills for youth and can be used when they start pitching. Have the youngster stand in the pitch and outfield from the stretch, the same as he/she would off the mound. Nevertheless, when the youth players get their leg kick and their leg reaches their highest point, you should let them pause shortly, and put their leg back down and kick again. This ensures the pitcher is holding his weight back and utilizing his energy toward the plate. By doing so, it ensures that the pitcher is maintaining his weight back and making use of his/her momentum towards the plate.

Note: Make sure your kids wear the best youth baseball helmet for that extra protection.

Developing Catchers’ Skills

youth baseball drills

  • Crouching Drill

Catchers need to keep up with the crouching position for no less than nine innings, so it is imperative for their legs to be fit as a fiddle. This baseball drills help catchers both to stay in the squat and move out of the crouch rapidly.

Youth ought to begin by playing catch while squatting. Next, make them stroll around in the squat position. At last, have catchers walk on their quickest and spring by bouncing over home plate while they are still in crouch position.

  • Framing Drill

This youth baseball drill helps youngsters take a shot at encircling the pitch and building up their glove work. Framing is vital in catching position since it can figure out if or not a pitch is known as a strike.

Begin this drill by utilizing safety or tennis balls so that the player can work without any glove. Pitch your balls everywhere throughout the strike zone and let the players practice catching them by utilizing a bowed elbow, maintaining the ball for some minutes so the umpire could see where it was specifically caught. A good catcher must follow the ball from the hand of the pitcher, getting it with the goal that his thumb faces the pitcher. In the end have the youth player run the drill with his/her glove, utilizing a customary baseball.

  • Blocking Drill

This drill is intended to help catchers square pitches utilizing their mid-section defenders. The Blocking Drill is extraordinary for youthful players in need of taking a shot at not fearing the ball and being sure on what to expect of their gear.

Begin the drill by bobbing balls off the player, keeping hands off in the face of his good faith to get happy with utilizing the mid-section defender. Next, have the catcher take a shot at blocking. This will contribute to keeping the dirt and soil away by utilizing his glove situated down between his legs. The catcher will    work on playing out the piece, rapidly getting to his feet and getting to scoop up the ball successfully.

  • Pop-Up Drill

The adolescent baseball drill catchers chip away at an appropriate strategy for getting pop-ups with their full apparatus and wears on.

youth baseball drills

Hit pop-ups enable the player to discover skills of making a catch with a fungo bat. The catcher should, therefore, observe these steps when getting a pop-up:

  • Getting up from the hunch rapidly.
  • Find the ball in space and figure out where it will necessarily land, not forgetting that most probably it will drift in the infield
  • Take the mask off, ensuring it does not go underfoot.
  • Move and get the ball.


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